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The Penis Project

Welcome to The Penis Project.

This meme was originally hosted by Mal on his site. sadly, due to a personal loss, he closed down his blog and the meme disappeared.  This, I felt, was a great shame and so, I've taken the opportunity to revive it.

So what is The Penis Project?

Well, simply put, it is a meme dedicated to that particular part of the anatomy that causes so many different reactions, from mild amusement, through pleasure and satisfaction, all the way to outrage and disgust. The penis elicits many responses depending on the context in which it is encountered.

Do I need to have a penis to contribute?

Absolutely not. If you have a penis and want to write about, or share photos of it, that's great. If you are someone who derives pleasure from a penis (or multiple penises) and you want to tell people what you love about them, then that's great too. If you are disgusted by penises, have had bad experiences with penises, or are generally indifferent towards them, then this is also a safe space for you to share your thoughts.

How do I join in?

Simply write a post sharing an opinion, though or experience relating to, or involving the aforementioned anatomical appendage, then add your link to the list tool below. Please make sure that any content you share is your own, or that you have permission from the content owner to share it.

Always include the The Penis Project button in all your submissions. You can grab the code from the box at the bottom of this page, and I ask that you promote your link on social media with the hashtag #ThePenisProject.

Please follow the other links and show the other bloggers some comment love!

Finally, just have fun. We aren't here for long and we'll all be dead a very long time.

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