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Word For Wednesday - Lustful


  1. full of or motivated by lust, greed, or the like.
  2. having strong sexual desires; lecherous; libidinous.
  3. archaic: vigorous or lusty.
It's a feeling; a strong, overwhelming urge that goes beyond simple desire or passion. It is that deep craving, then need to take pleasure from and with another person. When that person is absent, thoughts of what you would do if you had them there in person consume you. When you are together, it is the expression of your desire and hunger for each other.

Lust is classically the first of the deadly sins, uppermost in the list of cardinal vices, and perhaps rightly so; for it taps into one of our most basic, primal drives: the urge to mate.

Of course, in humans, the vast majority of sexual activity is for recreational rather than reproductive reasons, but that doesn't change the basic drive behind it.  We engage in sex, because we enjoy sex, we revel in the physical, emotional and (possibly depending on your views) spiritual sensations. 

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While lustful can mean the possession of strong sexual desires, the very way in which we engage in sex can also be described as lustful. When we participate with a lustful abandon, we take it to mean that there is a joyful, carefree vigour to our coupling. It conjures up an image of franticness, the hurried passion of partners who just can't wait any more, whose every action is driven by a need to fuck that will only be satiated by the most passionate of couplings culminating in the release of the most intense orgasm.
Of course, this isn't to say being lustful cannot be wrong. Acting on lustful intent without the consent of the other party is much more than a sin, it is a crime against that person. As humans, we have (supposedly) evolved to be able to control our urges. Unless there is a genuine underlying clinical reason whey control is beyond someone, the whole "I couldn't help myself because..." argument is always an attempt to move the blame from the guilty to their victim. The majority of us know the difference between right and wrong and even where genuine diminished responsibility exists inflicting our urges on another person is still wrong.

However, and without wanting to dismiss the importance of the previous paragraph, the purpose of this post is to embrace the joy of uninhibited lustful behaviour, to celebrate the intensity of the pleasure the indulgence of this "sin" brings. When acted on consensually, lust is such an important cornerstone of human interaction, and every sigh, moan and groan of pleasure it elicits needs to be acknowledged, every slapping collision of bodies should be enjoyed, every thrust and stroke, every lick and suck, every heartbeat, every breath all combine to create that intense rush that the lustful participation in this most primal activity induces. 

Lust, far from being a cardinal sin, is a powerful expressive force; without which we would be empty vessels. I life that is lived with love, laughter and lustfulness is a life that is lived fully.

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