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TMI Tuesday: January 7, 2020 - Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

    TMI Tuesday
  1. What is the most useless thing you know how to do?
    I can wiggle my ears. It’s not so much a case of knowing how to do it as simply something I am physically capable of doing.

  2. Do you use sex to relieve stress? How?
    Not really. I like to enjoy and fully engage in the sex that I am having. Being stressed prevents me from doing that so I suspect that I’m less likely to have sex when stressed rather than use it to relieve stress.  That said, I do believe that a healthy sex life is an essential part of maintaining a proper life balance, so while sex may not be used as stress relief, at can help prevent, or at the very least minimise, stress.

  3. What sex act or position did not thrill you until you tried it?
    I can’t say that there are any. Generally speaking it’s more likely that I’ve tried something and then thought, ‘nah, don’t need to do that again’. Generally, I’m open to most things, but there are a few, what you might call “fall back” or “default” positions that just work and so tend to get employed more frequently. It all really comes down to mood, circumstance, situation and degree of urgency/need.

  4. What is the most unusual but fun sexual encounter you have had?
    It was the first time that I arranged a hotel meet up with someone purely for the purposes of sex. Although we’d done a lot of online flirting, we hadn’t met in person prior to the event. The sex was even better than we anticipated and we spent a very enjoyable day and night leisurely (and sometimes not so leisurely) discovering each other’s bodies and what each other enjoyed. What I found particularly amusing was her tendency to give one of her twitter buddies frequent updates of what we were doing.
  5. What is something that can happen in the middle of sex that will make you put on your clothes and walk out?
    Speaking from experience, having a cat misjudge their jump up on to the bed and as a result badly clawing the back of my leg was a definite mood-killer.
Bonus: What was a random compliment that someone gave you that really stuck in your memory?
A complete stranger once told me that I had really kind eyes. Totally random, and no idea what prompted them to say it. Other than my mumbling a slightly surprised “thank you” that was the sum total of our exchange.