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#SexySearchingI was having a bit of a trawl through my “Search Terms” looking to see what random requests had driven people to my blog and the one that kind of leapt out was “Hooked On Cunnilingus“. Now, given the the #Food4Thought prompt this week was all about Vice and Indulgence, it seemed somewhat serendipitous .

I’ve waxed lyrical on many occasions about my love of this particular activity. During those periods where I am without a regular sex partner, it is probably the thing I miss more than anything else. From the very first time I tasted it, I have been hooked on the flavour of a woman’s most essential essence.

Food 4 Thought - #Food4Thought
Cunnilingus is one of those activities that plays either directly, or in directly on all of the senses. There is, quite obviously the taste and the way it changes, getting richer as her arousal builds, peaking as she reaches climax. So combined with taste is the scent of her; so impossible to avoid breathing in as my tongue explores every fold of her cunt. Then there are the sounds she makes as my tongue works it magic on her, the sighs, the soft whimpers that slowly build into longer, deeper moans of pleasure as the intensity builds. Then there is touch,combined with vision. Watching and feeling her body respond to my tongue and lips. The hand on the back of my head, the pressing of her thighs, the involuntary spasms and twitches as the sensations take over and she surrenders to them.

The Oral Sex ProjectAll of these combine to heighten the expression of her pleasure in what I am doing to her and this, in turn, increases my pleasure in return. A virtuous circle; the more I know she is enjoying what I’m doing, the more I enjoy doing it, reveling in it, savouring it, knowing that in doing so, I am further increasing her enjoyment of what I am doing. And so it builds, upwards, stronger, increasingly intense until she dives over the edge to be consumed in the release of her orgasm and I watch the expression on her face, the minute muscle twitches, the tics and tells of her climax.

I’m not sure if it qualifies as a vice, but it is certainly and activity that I love to indulge in. There is something inherently rewarding in the knowledge that such a simple action on my part; that doing something I enjoy so much can cause so much pleasure, can create such intense arousal.

As someone who derives so much of their own pleasure from the pleasure of their partner, cunnilingus is definitely at the top of my “things to do” list.