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Summer Loving

Kink of The WeekI admit, I hadn’t thought of summer as being a particular kink; although living in Scotland, summer is often just a Tuesday afternoon in July or August, so perhaps I’ve really had sufficient time to consider it properly in that context. It’s probably fair to say that, thanks to climate change, even here in Scotland, summers have tended to be somewhat warmer in recent years (although I am old enough to remember the summer of 1976).

Putting humour, and the more serious topic of climate change to one side for the moment, there is something about the summer and, in particular, the heat that does lend itself to our carnal inclinations.

Firstly, it’s possibly a mood thing. Even if the weather isn’t particularly warm or sunny, we have so much more daylight to enjoy; having light still in the sky when you go to bed at 11pm is so very different from and so much nicer than when it’s pitch dark by 3:30pm in the afternoon. That said, having it be full daylight at 4am can be less of a bonus, but you have to take the rough with the smooth, and it would be churlish to complain. The longer days help our mood, and when our mood is lighter, it’s not surprising that we feel more inclined to partake of activities that we ejoy and make us feel good and, sex definitely falls into that category.

There’s also the fact that warmer temperatures tend to mean less clothes and more skin on display. I’m not for one moment suggesting that clothing isn’t sexy, nor that nudity is but it’s just that, possibly helped by our moods being a bit lighter, there is definitely something about the way the warmer days make us dress more revealingly that adds an extra level of arousal.

Tell Me About...(On a serious note here, for a moment, I am not for one second suggesting that the way one dresses denotes any form of sexual availability or implied consent. Just because it’s sunny and warm does not give you any more rights or permission over another person’s body. Look by all means, enjoy the view, but unless you have permission, keep your hands to yourself).

There is something particularly languid about sex on a hot summer day. Sex can often leave someone pleasantly drained. Throw in some energy-sapping heat and sunshine and suddenly it can become even more so. The heat of the day, and of the passion combine to intensify the sense of well-being that, individually, both provide.

Of course, if you’re of a mind, and privacy allows, even the Scottish summer should provide some opportunities for “nature lovers”. If the warmth is conducive to languid, leisurely, sex; feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin, or a cooling gentle summer breeze as you pleasure each other can heighten the sensations even more. Of course, you do have to be careful of biting insects, stinging plant life, and startled ramblers; but while the former two are a hazard, the latter can add an element of enjoyable risk and fun to proceedings.

The main thing about summer, for me, is that fact that even in Scotland, there are bound to be a few days where I can take advantage of the fact that my garden isn’t overlooked and enjoy the sun’s rays all over.

Just remember, always practice safe sun…