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Ritual Or Routine?

Food For Thought Friday - #F4TFridayIt wasn’t so much a ritual, more just the way we did things; the days when we were getting together tended to follow a certain pattern.It would start with text messages. All very innocent at first; simply asking how the other was, how their day was going and general chit chat. As the day progressed, and home time grew closer, the tone of the messages would slowly become more flirtatious, increasingly suggestive, progressively more explicit.

“I want to taste you” I would send.

“I want to suck your cock” she’d reply.

“I want to hear you moan” I’d comment.

“I want you deep inside me” she’d respond.

Back and forth, the message would fly until, finally: “I’m home” she said, “I’m on my way…” my response.

#MasturbationMondayI would let myself in; she would be waiting. A welcome kiss that would quickly become more intense would initiate the transition from the textual to the sexual.

Lips tasting each other, Hands exploring each other’s bodies; first through, then under clothes. A moan as my fingers teased her nipples. A sigh as she traced the hardness of my erection. Breathing quickening as the arousal built. Clothes loosened but not removed. My hand inside her knickers; feeling the hot wetness of her cunt, her moaning as she presses against my fingers and as my tongue flicks her nipples. Her fingers tighten around my shaft, her thumb teases the head. We reach the point where we head upstairs.

Kissing, caressing; we slowly undress each other. Lips and fingers take advantage of the opportunity to explore freshly revealed skin. Urgency increasing, we move towards the bed.

She kisses me, then starts to work her way down. Over my chest, across my abdomen, up the inside of my thighs; stroking, caressing, teasing. I know what comes next; my entire body awaits it.

With practiced ease, she takes me in her mouth, kissing, licking, sucking; driving me wild. My sighs deepen into moans as she unleashes her full battery of cock sucking talents. Slow, gentle, fast, hard, taking me deep, then teasing just the tip. Familiarity has taught her just what I like; how much pressure to apply, how I like to be stroked, how hard I like to be sucked. She knows all this and applies that knowledge effortlessly; bringing me close, but never taking me too far.

And then it is her turn.

Her breasts, her nipples are my first port of call. I tease them with fingers, lips and tongue; caressing, kissing, flicking, sucking, biting. Taking the wetness from her cunt, I anoint them before tasting her. Her body arches as I drive my fingers inside. She moans. A telltale tremor signals her first release.  I move down.

Tell Me About...I tease, kissing the inside of her thighs. I inhale the rich heady scent of her arousal. In these moments I’m never sure who’s need is greater; mine to taste her, or hers to feel my tongue between her soft, sensitive folds.

I lick over and between her labia. I apply feathery flicks, then long slow strokes of my tongue to her clit. I work my fingers inside her as I feast.

Her movements become increasingly convulsive, her moans softer, yet deeper, her breathing more laboured.

I feast, taking my fill over cunt; savouring the rich flavour of her juices, noticing the subtle changes as her my attentions take her from arousal to climax.

Time passes and loses meaning. Eventually I stop. I move up.

My cock slides into her. She opens her eyes and manages a smile. We fuck. Slowly at first but with increasing intensity. At some point my own arousal cycle kicks in; the considerate partner vanishes to be replaced by the primal. As my climax approaches, all I am really aware of is that I am fucking and need to release. The tips of her fingers pressed firmly into the cheeks of my arse drive me on; her murmurs of encouragement let me know that she too in lost in this most animalistic of acts. She pulls her legs back, opening herself up, resting her heels on my backside as I move into full rut.

In this moment we are simply fucking. There is no tenderness or consideration, it is simply the expression of animal need, mine and hers.

My body stiffens. Her cunt tightens its grip around my cock. With a final surge of my hips, and a deep, low groan, I let go. She moans softly as I release inside her and the tension releases from my body.

After, we lie together, her body still twitching, our breathing and heartbeats slowly returning to normal. We bask in the aftermath of our passion, content just to feel the warmth of the other’s body on our own.

She turns towards me, holds my gaze and smiles. “Hello, you…” she says.