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On The Face Of It

Food For Thought Friday - #F4TFridayI have mentioned before that I am someone who revels in the sensual  aspects of sex. When it comes to enjoying sex, a big part of my pleasure comes from experiencing the pleasure of my partner. Her pleasure can, of course, be expressed in a manner of ways: the way her hands grip me, the way her cunt tightens and squeezes my cock as I move it inside her, the sounds she make as she vocalises her sensations, the changes in her breathing as she moves from arousal, through to climax.  All of these things let me know that she is (hopefully) enjoying what we are doing together.
I am, however, a very visual person. One of the things that adds to my overall enjoyment of sex, is being able to see my partner’s face. More specifically, it’s the changes of expression, some almost imperceptible that do it.
It’s the quiver of her lips, and the way her tongue wets them. The way her eyes roll and her eyelids tremble. It’s those little fine lines. It’s the slight flaring of her nostrils as she breathes more deeply. It’s the flush on her cheeks that deepens as her climax approaches. It is the ever changing kaleidoscope of micro expressions; where every trace of my fingers on her skin, every kiss with my lips, every thrust of my cock inside her brings a new and unique combination.
Combine these with the taste of her skin, the noises she makes, from low soft purrs, to full, deep moans, and the way her fingers claw and grip me that makes the experience so intense.
Whether it’s watching face to face, or watching her in a mirror as I take her from behind, I simply cannot get enough of watching her facial expressions.