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I'll Tell You Why...

If you aren’t familiar with this site, the content is split into two main sections: Erotic fiction and poetry Thoughts, feelings and opinions The reasons for each section are slightly different. The oldest section is the writing section. I used to read a fair bit of fiction on sites like Literotica and, while a lot of it was good, a lot of it was dire. There was a tendency among the male contributors to make it all very functional and all about the male experience; how hard he fucked her, how tight her cunt felt around his cock, how hard he came (and of course, she always came too from just what he did with his cock). It was formulaic, function, and pretty much anything other than erotic. I was almost certain I could do better, so I gave it a try. The second section is slightly different. Much of what I post on this section does arise from the various memes/prompts that I follow. The fact that I link to those particular prompts means that there is a reasonable likelihoo

Ritual Or Routine?

It wasn’t so much a ritual, more just the way we did things; the days when we were getting together tended to follow a certain pattern.It would start with text messages. All very innocent at first; simply asking how the other was, how their day was going and general chit chat. As the day progressed, and home time grew closer, the tone of the messages would slowly become more flirtatious, increasingly suggestive, progressively more explicit. “I want to taste you” I would send. “I want to suck your cock” she’d reply. “I want to hear you moan” I’d comment. “I want you deep inside me” she’d respond. Back and forth, the message would fly until, finally: “I’m home” she said, “I’m on my way…” my response. I would let myself in; she would be waiting. A welcome kiss that would quickly become more intense would initiate the transition from the textual to the sexual. Lips tasting each other, Hands exploring each other’s bodies; first through, then under clothes. A moan

In Position

I never really give that much thought to the positions that a partner and I adopt during sex. Generally we have a tendency to go with whatever just seems right at the time, and even that is mostly an unconscious choice based on circumstances and what we happen to be doing at that moment. Unless there is some sort of power-play scenario going on where I tell her to “bend over” or “get on her knees”, sex tends to happen in whatever position it happens. In my younger, more limber, days, I did a lot of experimentation with positions. I wouldn’t go as far as to say I tried the entire kama sutra , but I did discover which ones worked for both me and the woman I was with, which ones were fun (if slightly more trouble than they were worth), and which ones just didn’t do it. After that, as can often happen in longer term relationships, we settled on a small number of positions that were the most enjoyable for us and employed them as was appropriate. That’s not to say I don’t have preference

Summer Loving

I admit, I hadn’t thought of summer as being a particular kink; although living in Scotland, summer is often just a Tuesday afternoon in July or August, so perhaps I’ve really had sufficient time to consider it properly in that context. It’s probably fair to say that, thanks to climate change, even here in Scotland, summers have tended to be somewhat warmer in recent years (although I am old enough to remember the summer of 1976). Putting humour, and the more serious topic of climate change to one side for the moment, there is something about the summer and, in particular, the heat that does lend itself to our carnal inclinations. Firstly, it’s possibly a mood thing. Even if the weather isn’t particularly warm or sunny, we have so much more daylight to enjoy; having light still in the sky when you go to bed at 11pm is so very different from and so much nicer than when it’s pitch dark by 3:30pm in the afternoon. That said, having it be full daylight at 4am can be less of a bonu

On The Face Of It

I have mentioned before that I am someone who revels in the sensual  aspects of sex . When it comes to enjoying sex, a big part of my pleasure comes from experiencing the pleasure of my partner. Her pleasure can, of course, be expressed in a manner of ways: the way her hands grip me, the way her cunt tightens and squeezes my cock as I move it inside her, the sounds she make as she vocalises her sensations, the changes in her breathing as she moves from arousal, through to climax.  All of these things let me know that she is (hopefully) enjoying what we are doing together. I am, however, a very visual person. One of the things that adds to my overall enjoyment of sex, is being able to see my partner’s face. More specifically, it’s the changes of expression, some almost imperceptible that do it. It’s the quiver of her lips, and the way her tongue wets them. The way her eyes roll and her eyelids tremble. It’s those little fine lines. It’s the slight flaring of her nostrils as she breathes