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Word for Wednesday - Complication

Complication /kom-pli-key-shuhn/ noun a condition, event, etc, that is complex or confused the act or process of complicating a disease or disorder arising as a consequence of another disease something that introduces, usually unexpectedly, some difficulty, problem, change, etc. that complicates or frustrates – e.g. her coming was a serious complication the act of forming a unified idea or impression from a number of sense data, memories, etc. When it comes to sex, mental health issues can cause complications for a number reasons. Firstly, sex, and the enjoyment of sex, is often a product of mood. When your mood is low, there is a good chance that you neither feel sexy nor sexually inclined. Even if you do manage to summon up enough “oomph” to get down to it, the chances are it won’t be nearly as enjoyable as it would be if you were firing (mentally) on all cylinders and, as I’ll go into in more detail later, the firing (or otherwise) of one particular physical “cylinder”

TMI Tuesday: July 23, 2019

Why are you single? Mainly just because I am. I’m between relationships. I’m between partners. I’m between friends with benefits. The person with whom I form my next relationship has yet to reveal themselves to me, nor I to them. Why are you married or in your current monogamous relationship? Given my answer to Q1, this one is clearly not applicable. Is polyamory something you want? It is something I have had in the past, and I enjoyed it. I would be open to it happening again in my future, but it’s not something I am currently seeking. What is the gender of your best friend? Female. The overwhelming majority of my friends are female. What do you think is the worst thing about being male? This may seem a bit of an unusual answer. There are things like my shorter life expectancy, the greater likelihood of succumbing to certain cancers or perhaps losing my battle with my mental health. Those are all things about being male that are less than great.  For me, however, it is somet

The Social Media Duality

For me, social media, and in particular twitter has a strange duality. A lot of the time it is my “safe place”; a place where I can joke, flirt, vent, rant and sometimes express things that I can’t elsewhere in my life. It is the place where, when things are at their darkest, I can express (as much as such things can be articulated) the thoughts, feelings and emotions that are at war inside my mind. It is a place where I can, if not banish, I can reveal my demons, hold them up to the light and find the strength to resist them so that I can fight another day. Twitter gives me that. Sadly, however, like all coins, it has two sides; like many people, it has two faces. My “safe place” can also be one that triggers, one that upsets and hurts, one that I need to escape from. I am fortunate in a way that I have always been self-reliant; even when I am at my lowest. When twitter “goes bad” for me, as it inevitably (and, it seems, increasingly) does, I can withdraw, I can retreat into