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TMI Tuesday: June 18, 2019 - Love is love, is everything to me

    TMI Tuesday
  1. Love is made of many components. What are your top three components of love?
    For me, I think companionship, compassion empathy and the various forms of intimacy (physical, emotional, intellectual, sexual) are all hugely important elements of love. I’m not sure that any of them are more important than the other, but they combine in different ways, under differing circumstances to change, grow, evolve and, sadly sometimes, wither.

  2. For you what is good sex, and what is great sex?
    Good sex is pretty much any sex that isn’t bad. Yes, I know that’s a bit of a cop out, but you know what I mean. It’s sex that satisfies the basic need but that is also,enjoyable, it’s fun, it feels good, it makes you smile on the inside. Great sex is something much more; it consumes and drains you. It satisfies you in the very core of your being. It’s more than just the intensity of the release, it’s sex that makes the very essence of your being resonate.

  3. In long-term unions do you:
    1. expect love to grow over time as the union unfolds?
      I’m not really a believer in love at first sight. Where love does develop it does so after the initial attraction that brought you together.

    2. need to have immediate attraction, infatuation, and feelings or excitement in order to enter into a long-term union?
      I think it is a combination of both. without the immediate attraction, the desire and/or lust, there probably isn’t going to be anything there in the first place. The attraction draws you in and, if it develops, the love keeps you together

  4. You are away on your dream vacation…
    • Are you alone or with someone? Who?
      I suspect the location is the most important thing. Depending on my circumstances at the time, will depend on whether I’m sharing it with someone or am experiencing it on my own.

    • Do you want to have a hookup with a sexy stranger? Is the sexy stranger female, male, gender-fluid, bi-gender, transgender?
      It has happened and it may, someday, happen again. In my case the stranger would be female.

    • Would you rather spend all day doing your favourite vacation activity OR spend all night having kinky sex?
      This is one of those pointless questions because my favourite holiday activity could be having kinky sex, especially if the sexy stranger is involved.  It doesn’t seem to me that the two are mutually exclusive

  5. Is hot, steamy, all your wildest fantasies come true sex more likely to happen with your current lover or a sexy, no-strings attached stranger?
    I’ve never really been someone who is given to fantasy when it comes to sex. I tend to lose myself in the moment and get caught up in what is actually happening rather than spend time dreaming about it. I guess, in my current situation, the “sexy stranger” bit would be the fantasy element in this, but again, I don’t really think it would actually make any difference so long as the person I was having sex with, and I were both enjoying it at the time.