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Spreading Some Blog Love

Food For Thought Friday - #F4TFridayTo start, I am going to recognise the outstanding contribution of three absolutely amazing women whose commitment and dedication to the sex blogging community goes way above the call of duty. I am, of course speaking about Molly MooreMarie Rebelle, and Kayla Lords. Without the sheer hard work that they put into their own blogs, memes and other projects, and the support they show other bloggers, it’s almost impossible to imagine what this community would look like without them.  I really don’t need to tell you anything about their particular blogs, because I am certain that everyone reading this will be more than familiar with their work.

I hate having to restrict myself to 5 blogs, so the above is a bit of a cheat, but here are 5, in no order,  that I enjoy (other blogs are available…)
  • Girl on the Net – One of the first blogs I ever followed. It’s fresh, it’s frank, it’s filthy and it’s funny. GoTN’s heartwarming honesty will have tears of laughter and pain rolling down your cheeks in almost equal measure. She is real, she is raw and doesn’t mince her words or pull her punches.
  • On Queer Street – A fairly new arrival on the blogging scene, but Quinn is a young woman who I am truly in awe of. She writes from the heart. She covers life, sex and mental health. She writes a mean filthy story and takes wonderful photos. Really, there is nothing not to love.
  • Focused & Filthy – This lady is all about the image, and what wonderful images she captures and creates. The quality of her photography never ceases to blow my mind.
  • Masters Pleasing Bitch – Julie has been through so much in recent times, yet she has faced it with an outward strength and quiet dignity that is truly humbling. Another wonderfully open and frank blogger who shares her experiences, pains and passions, and takes some lovely photos too.
  • Sex Bloggers For Mental Health – As someone who regularly blogs openly about my struggles with depression, this is a site that is particularly close to my heart and one that I am always happy to support and contribute too. Sex bloggers seem to have a unique ability to talk about difficult or “taboo” issues, and mental health is one of those areas that may of us discuss. A big “THANK YOU!” to Sassy for creating this meme.
Finally, it almost goes without saying that this community as a whole is a wonderful, supportive group of people; some of whom I have met, others I have interacted with online, each making their own unique contributions. I am proud to be a part of this.