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TMI Tuesday: April 9, 2019

TMI Tuesday

    TMI Tuesday
  1. Did you leave your last love for some one else or no one else?
    My last love left me for someone else, I didn’t leave them.

  2. Do you enjoy being alone? Yes or No
    I don’t mind it on the whole, so I guess my answer would be “Yes”. I don’t enjoy being lonely, but that is a completely different thing.

  3. Which of these reasons is most likely to spark your motivation for solitude:
    a. It sparks my creativity
    b. I enjoy the quiet
    c. Being alone helps me get in touch with my spirituality
    d. I value the privacy
    e. I do not feel liked when I am around others
    f. I cannot be my true self when I am around others
    There’s a bit of an element of all of these in my answer. I do enjoy quiet and I value my privacy and having my own space. I’m not especially spiritual, but solitude and quiet can help bring a meditative inner peace and tranquillity, so I guess that’s the same thing in my perspective; it’s certainly good for my “soul”. There are times when I feel unliked and that I’m not able to “be me” when I’m with others, and I do tend to retreat from the world to be by myself in these circumstances; it gives me a chance to heal and regather my strength. As I mentioned in a recent post, I have always tended to be a bit of a loner and I keep my own counsel. I guess it just suits me.

  4. Have you ever tried to win back an ex-significant other?
    – Yes or No
    – Were you successful?
    – If yes, did you regret it?
    – How long did the reconciliation last?
    When my marriage was falling apart, I did manage to patch it up for a couple of months. With hindsight, that was a mistake; it simply prolonged the agony for all involved. It probably needed to be done, if only to prove that it was beyond repair, but I do wish I’s been strong enough to have accepted the break as final the first time it happened. The loss of hope for the second time was much harder to bear.

  5. Do you mind if your significant gives or receives harmless flirtation?
    Not in the least. I do it so, if I were with someone, I couldn’t object to them doing so as well.
Bonus: If you really knew me, you’d know _____.That I am probably much more sensitive than I appear. I don’t find outward displays of emotion easy, but I feel them all the more intensely because of that.

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