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#StoryIn12 - March

#StoryIn12#StoryIn12 is the creation of  Molly (aka @mollysdailykiss) and  Wriggly Kitty (aka @Wriggly_Kitty).

Every day,  the #StoryIn12 flash fiction meme on twitter challenges writers to write a “complete” story in exactly 12 words, that includes the prompt word for that day.

As many of you are aware, I am a long term sufferer of chronic depression.   I have written a number of posts covering this particular subject under the “Mind Matters” tag.

This month, I have been attempting to write the majority of my “stories” on the subject of mental health, and linking it to the “Sex Bloggers for Mental Health – #SB4MH” project created by Sassy Cat.

Here are mine for this month:

  • Unpredictable – The frequent unpredictable mood swings left countless scars on his tortured soul.
  • Problem – There are times when even the most insignificant problem can seem overwhelming.
  • Dog – The black dog walks beside me; an ever faithful if unwanted companion.
  • Common – The dark moods are far too common an occurrence at the moment.
  • Never – There are times when happiness never seems to be an achievable option.
  • Silver – The silver flecks in his beard marked the passing of the years.
  • Skirt – There should never be any need to skirt around mental health issues.
  • Hole Having reached the bottom of the hole, he began the long climb.
  • Show Putting on a show, I hide the battles raging in my mind.
  • Whisky Whisky or whiskey; either way it’s uisge beatha – the water of life.
  • Tired – He was tired of wearing the mask depression forced him to wear.
  • Whole – The whole was always greater than the sum of his fractured parts.
  • Cigarette – Years later, he could still recall the taste of his last cigarette.
  • Twice – He’d travelled that road twice before, there wouldn’t be a third time.
  • Nothing He played his final card, there was nothing more he could do.
  • Angry – There was no point being angry with the life fate had chosen.
  • Bottle – Once loose, the genie could never be put back inside the bottle.
  • Rules – You may break the rules so long as you accept the consequences…
  • Guilty – The only crime he was guilty of was loving her too much.
  • Pale – His pale northern skin could burn quickly in even the mildest sunshine.
  • Horrible – The realisation that it was finally all over was a horrible one.
  • Why – “Why me?” was the question he hurled into the cold, dark void.


Sex Bloggers for Mental Health