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Food For Thought Friday - #F4TFridayI have always been a highly tactile person. When it comes to fully enjoying sex, I always prefer to engage all of my senses, but primary amongst them is touch

How do you like to be touched? 
Confidently. I like a partner to explore my body with her fingers, lips and tongue. I like it when she is familiar with my body and the cycle of my arousal to know what bit of me to touch, when, and how to touch it to achieve the maximum effect. I enjoy deep, passionate kisses, and gentle flicks of her tongue on whatever part of my body she is focusing on. My cock enjoys being stroked with a light, but firm pressure, but the tip a fingernail dragged lightly along its underside will also drive me crazy.

How do you like to touch yourself?
I have described that in this post. Sadly, however, for reasons I have gone into before, I  generally don’t touch myself at all.

Which parts/areas of you body do you most enjoy touching or having touched?
Once I’m aroused, my entire body tends to become one overwhelming single erogenous zone. Being male, it probably doesn’t need saying that I like my cock being touched. Whether that be, as described above with her fingers, or with her lips and tongue or, indeed, a combination of all of these. My cock enjoys being squeezed, stroked, kissed, teased, licked and sucked.

My back is very sensitive. Having a partner kiss and stroke it as part of foreplay is definitely a turn-on. Feeling her hands on my back, her fingers digging into my skin as I fuck her is also something that I enjoy a lot.

My abdomen is very sensitive to kisses, especially in the region of my appendix scar. My inner thighs are susceptible to the trail of a finger or being lightly rubbed by the curve of her breast as she sucks my cock.

Which part of a partner’s body do you most enjoy touching? Why is that?
I don’t think there is a part I don’t enjoy but I tend to be guided by what I know she likes. There’s not much point devoting time to areas that she is, at best neutral towards and, at worst, detests having touched. I like to kiss and explore with my fingers, hands, mouth and tongue. Kisses on her neck or along her collar bone. My tongue tracing the curve of her breast, fingers lightly caressing the small of her back or tracing the ridge of her spine. Her nipples, squeezed between my fingers or rolled under my thumb, then sucked between my lips as I flick the tip with her tongue.

I love to feel the warm, wetness of her cunt on my fingers and then the way her body moves in response to my tongue as I work it between her labia, over her clit and as far inside her as it reaches. I love feeling every involuntary flinch she makes in response to my attentions as I guide her towards her climax. Whether that is a single release or the first of several will depend on circumstances and how much time we have but it will have been brought about solely through the application touch from my hands, fingers, lips and tongue.

Are there any parts of your body that you can’t stand having touched?
I suspect I won’t be alone in this, but my feet are a no-go area. Whilst in no way a hard limit, I’m not especially keen on having my nipples have too much attention paid to them. I wouldn’t go as far as to say I can’t stand it, but there are definitely other bits of me that enjoy the attention much more.