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TMI Tuesday: February 5 2019 - Oohs & Aahs

Oohs & Aahs

    TMI Tuesday
  1. Do you express your sexual pleasure with moans, groans, sighs, and other noises (provided that you are actually turned on)?
    1. Yes, each time I have sex (90-100% of the time).
    2. Yes, on most occasions (70-89% of the time).
    3. Yes, on some occasions (40-69% of the time).
    4. Yes, on a few occasions (less than 40% of the time).
    5. No. Never, not even when I am really turned on.
    I am definitely in the a. camp. I tend to vocalise a lot during sex, reacting to my partner’s attentions with moans, groans and sighs. It is entirely involuntary.

  2. How comfortable are you with sex in bright light or daylight? Pick one.
    1. Completely comfortable
    2. Fairly comfortable
    3. Somewhat comfortable/uncomfortable, depends on the partner.
    4. Completely uncomfortable. I like to do it in the dark.
    I am completely comfortably in bright light/daylight. I am equally comfortable in darkness. I do like to see the effects that my actions and attentions are having on my partner, and I especially love seeing the facial expressions they make in response to their pleasure. Having said that, if the person I’m with prefers dim lighting or lights off, that’s fine too as it can heighten the other senses.

  3. Is this statement True or False for you? Explain.
    I would like to talk dirty with my partner, but I don’t dare for fear of being judged or ridiculed.
    It isn’t a big thing thing as far as I’m concerned. I’m not really all that into talking dirty, not out of fear of judgement but just because it doesn’t really do that much for me most of the time.  I can get into it on occasion, but it’s very much a mood thing more than anything else.

  4. Have you ever done a striptease for a lover (impromptu or planned)? Did you enjoy it?
    I have never done one but I have had a partner do one for me and, yes, most definitely did enjoy it.

  5. How do you feel about giving anal sex (penetration with penis, finger or sex toys)? Pick one.
    1. I enjoy it.
    2. I’m okay with it.
    3. I don’t really enjoy it.
    4. I don’t enjoy it at all.
    5. I have never given anal sex.
    6. I have never given anal sex, but would like to start.
    It’s something I can take or leave. I enjoy it when it happens, but I don’t miss it when it doesn’t. It is something that I am always guided by the woman’s tastes and preferences. If it’s something she isn’t into, that’s absolutely fine; there’s plenty of other things that we enjoy that we can do instead.