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Fast And Furious

Fast And Furious
by Kilted Wookie

#MasturbationMondayWith the front door barely closed behind her, Steve's lips were on Sarah's. Her suit jacket fell to the floor, her blouse undone, her bra pushed down and his thumbs were playing roughly with her nipples.

As Sarah hurriedly attempted to unbuckle Steve's belt and unbutton and unzip his jeans, he slid a hand up under her skirt. “Good girl” he growled, discovering that, as per his earlier instruction, Sarah's knickers have already been removed. Without warning, he thrust two fingers up inside her cunt.

“You’re so fucking wet!” he half whispered, half growled, “You’re just gagging for my cock, aren’t you, you filthy little slut?” It wasn’t really a question, more of an observation as he drove his fingers deeper into her; his thumb, pressed against Sarah's aching clit.

“Yes!” Sarah moaned, partly in answer to his enquiry, but more because his forceful finger-fucking breached the dam of her frustrated anticipation and unleashed her orgasm.

“Filthy, dirty slut!” he groaned, slapping Sarah's face with his free hand. She nodded, unable to answer as her womb contracted violently.

Suddenly, Steve pulled his fingers from Sarah's cunt and forced them into her mouth. “Taste yourself, slut!” he demanded. The taste of her own juices fanned the flames of Sarah's climax still higher.

Pulling his fingers from her mouth, Steve kissed Sarah roughly before spinning her around. She braced herself on the stairs as he flipped up her skirt. Her anticipation peaked again as she felt Steve's cock slide between her inflamed labia, the head teasing her still throbbing clit.

“You want my cock, don’t you, slut?” he asked, still teasing her.

“Yes,” she whimpered.

Steve's hand came down hard on Sarah's arse. ”What was that?”

“Yes, I want your cock.”

He slapped her arse again. “Why do you want it?”

“Because I’m your dirty little slut and I want you to use me.”

Having braced herself for another slap, Sarah was almost disappointed when she heard him chuckle. “Good girl,” Steve said, “That is the correct answer, and now I AM going to use you."

Sarah waited, longing to feel Steve's cock fill her cunt, longing to have him inside her, but still he made her wait.

“Will you fuck me now, please?” she pleaded.

He laughed. “Oh I’m going to fuck you, I am going to fuck you so hard, you dirty little slut!”

And then she felt it. Not his cock, but the cold, liquid moistness of lube being applied to her arsehole. A shiver ran through Sarah as Steve worked it in, moistening her, preparing her tight rear hole for his cock.

“Your slutty little arse is mine,” he growled as the head of his cock pressed against Sarah's now thoroughly lubricated rear opening. He sank into her, filling her; his shortly trimmed pubic hair tickled Sarah's sensitive hole as pressed himself fully inside her back passage.

His hand stung her arse cheek again. “Ask for it, slut!”

“Please fuck me.”

SLAP! “What was that?”

“Please fuck my arse.”

SLAP! “Why?”

“Because I’m a filthy little slut.”

SLAP! “And?”

“And I deserve to have my arse fucked.”

SLAP! “And?”

“And I love it when you fuck my slutty little arse with your lovely, big, hard cock.”

Steve grabbed a handful of Sarah's hair and pulled her head sharply back as he did he began pounding her arsehole. With every thrust, his balls slapped against her inflamed labia. Each inward stroke pushed Sarah forward; her nipples brushing against the pile of the stair carpet sending electric shocks through her.

He fucked Sarah harder, colliding with her at the deepest point of every stroke. The roughness of his fucking, the sensations of the carpet against her nipples, the way Steve tugged on her hair drove Sarah wild. She reached back between her legs and lightly rubbed her swollen, throbbing clit. It took very little more than that to unleash Sarah's pent up desire and arousal. She came hard; moaning, crying as Steve's cock battered and abused her increasingly tender arsehole.

And then he was gone.

“Turn around!” came his barked command. Sarah did as Steve ordered; the stair carpet now feeling rough against her tortured arsehole.

She watched, mesmerised as he beat himself to a climax in front of her. His cock erupted, showering her face, neck, breasts with his hot sticky load. Sarah caught her reflection in the hall mirror; the same mirror where she had made herself presentable before leaving the house so many hours earlier. The contrast couldn’t be more striking; gone was the smartly dressed business like, professional woman that had started the day; she had been transformed into a partially undressed, well fucked, cum drenched slut. She was Steve's slut.

“Coffee or wine?” Steve asked as Sarah scooped his cum from her skin and licked her fingers clean.

“Um, wine I think,” she replied, savouring the taste of his cum.

“Shall I run you a bath? Maybe give your tired neck and shoulders a rub?”

“Mmmm, that would be lovely”

As Steve set about getting their drinks and running her bath, Sarah reflected on how, after a long day of travelling and meetings, it was so nice to be home again.

©Kilted Wookie February 2019


  1. UNNNNF this is so delicious and hot. I hate being made to say what I want but I love it too. Must be the masochist in me, lol.

  2. Sooo HOT! Love the power play in this story. Also love the switch back to "normal" and him taking care of her when done, with the wine and bath! :) Just yummy!


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