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Word for Wednesday - Uninspired


/uhn-in-spahyuh rd/
  1. not inspired; not creative or spirited;
  2. dull or ordinary; unimaginative.
The time of year doesn’t help. I’ve never been particularly good with the holiday/festive period with its enforced joviality; but for me the start of the year is almost worse.

For all its many faults, the holiday period is at least a time of light. Yes, it is (for those of us in the northern hemisphere) the time when the days are shortest and the nights are long and dark (and often bloody cold to boot), but our towns and villages, our homes are lit up; there is a brightness and light that banishes some of the worst of the darkness.

January, once the lights have been packed away, is just dark.
I don’t suffer from Seasonally Affected Disorder. For that I am eternally grateful. I am, however, a miserable git all year round instead. There is, however, something about this time of year that I do find particularly uninspiring. I know that by the time the month is over, the mornings will be a bit brighter earlier; I know that the evenings are, almost imperceptibly, beginning to stretch out again. Despite these things, January is still a cold, dark and grey time of year.

And so I find myself uninspired. I look at the prompts that Molly, Kayla, Marie and F dot currently have open and I realise that I have nothing to contribute on any of the topics. I actually, this post aside, have nothing really to say at all. Even this post isn’t much of an exception, it is simply me saying that I have nothing to say.

My creative well has, for the moment run dry. I am truly uninspired.