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Watching As Punishment

Watching As Punishment
by Kilted Wookie

Wicked Wednesday
"Can you come over?" Rob's voice at the end of the line sounded more like a command than a request. "I need to teach Hannah a lesson."

When Clara arrived at their house, Rob was smartly dressed. Hannah, however, was naked, gagged, and tied very firmly to an uncomfortable looking wooden chair in the living room. Her ankles were bound to the legs of the chair, and her wrists were tied behind her back. “She has been getting above herself recently,” Rob explained. “She needs to be taught how a proper slut behaves towards her Master.”

Rob sat down, a glass of whisky in hand as he he made a show of eyeing Clara suggestively up and down. Hannah watched, eyes downcast.

"Strip!" he commanded.

Clara did as she was told and stood before him.

"Get yourself a cushion," Rob said pleasantly, “a good, obedient slut doesn’t deserve to get sore knees,” he explained. His words were as much for Hannah as they were for Clara.

She knelt before him. “What would Master Rob like me to do?”

“Master Rob would like you to suck his cock.”

Clara undid his slacks and took his cock in her mouth. She took her time kissing and licking his long, firm shaft. The years of experience and countless similar occasions meant that she knew exactly how Rob liked his cock to be played with and, since this was being done for Hannah’s instruction, Clara knew she had to give him her best.

“You see, that’s how a good, obedient slut sucks her Master’s cock,” he said to Hannah as Clara worked him with her mouth, her lips gliding up and down his length as she sucked him.

Applying herself diligently to the task, Clara was rewarded with contented moans and the occasional “Good little slut!” comments.

As time passed, Clara could sense from Rob's increasingly laboured breathing and the tension in his frame that he was getting close to to the point of climax. Anticipating his load, she was surprised and more than a little disappointed when he pushed he away.

Rob stood up and walked towards Hannah. From where Clara knelt, she watched as he stroked his cock in front of the other woman. He came. Streaks of cum splashed across Hannah’s face and breasts. He turned back towards Clara then beckoned her towards him. Kneeling at his feet, she looked at the mess he had made of Hannah as he invited her to finish him off.

Clara savoured those last drops of cum that he milked into her mouth. When she was done, Rob pointed towards Hannah and instructed Clara to “Clean that mess up.”

Again, she did as she was instructed; licking his cum from Hannah's soft skin. As Clara licked down over her breasts, and over her tummy, she could smell the warm musk of Hannah’s arousal; intoxicating, almost overwhelming. Clara wanted to taste her; to sink her face between Hannah's soft thighs and lick her. She turned towards Rob. Eyes lowered, voice soft, “May I lick her, Master?” she pleaded, “Please, Master Rob?”

He gave his assent.

Hannah’s cunt tasted divine. Her juices flowed over Clara's tongue as she licked. Hannah squirmed, wriggling as much as she was able to against her restraints; small noises escaped from around the gag.

She came, hard. Her juices flooded Clara's mouth.

“Should I stop now, Master?” Clara enquired.

“Not until I tell you to,” was his reply.

Clara returned to the task, licking and nibbling, teasing and tormenting Hannah. She felt each orgasm build inside the other woman. She tasted each release of pleasure. Hannah's body trembled against her restraints as, again and again, Clara took her to the precipice of climax and drove her mercilessly over the edge.

When, at last Rob, instructed Clara to stop, Hannah’s body continued to tremble; tears streamed down her hotly flushed cheeks.

“Get over here!” he instructed. Clara stood before him and he spun her around, pushing her towards the chair. She braced myself against the arm and felt him run his fingers between her lower lips, feeling how wet she was.

“So you enjoyed that, did you?” he asked.

“Yes, Master Rob.Very much so,” Clara admitted.

Her arse suddenly stung as he slapped it.

“You’re a naughty little slut, aren’t you?” He slapped her again.

“Yes, Master Rob.”

“Oh, you naughty, filthy, cock hungry little slut!” Each word was punctuated by another slap on Clara's increasingly reddening arse.

Suddenly, without any warning, Rob grabbed Clara's hips and drove his cock into her. “Does that feel good, slut?”

“Yes, Master Rob!”

“How should I fuck you, slut?”

“Hard, Master Rob. Please fuck me hard!”

He did. Grabbing her hair and pulling her head back with one hand, Rob continued to slap Clara's arse with the other as he fucked her long and hard; pounding her cunt mercilessly.

“This is how an obedient slut lets her Master fuck her,” he said. Again Clara assumed it was being said for Hannah’s benefit, “This is how a slut should let her Master use her.”

Clara expected no mercy from Rob and he showed her none. She was there purely to receive his cock, for him to take his pleasure from; and take it he did.

Finally he pulled out, instructing her to turn round and kneel down. Once again, Clara did as she was bid. “Open wide, little slut, you’ve earned your reward,” Rob groaned.

He came, filling Clara's mouth with his cum; so rich and thick and warm. She savoured every mouthful.

“Now, sit there like a good slut and watch,” he said as he turned towards Hannah.

He removed her gag. “Have you learned you lesson?”

“Yes Master,” she sobbed.

He untied her.

“Stand up and bend over,”

Hannah did as he demanded. Clara watched as he undid his belt and slid it from the stays of his slacks.

“Count the strokes,” he ordered.

Hannah counted as the belt scored her buttocks and Clara counted them with her; from one all the way through to twelve; almost suffering with her a the belt rained down again and again.

When Rob was done, Hannah was dispatched to the kitchen to make coffee. Clara dressed. When she returned, Hannah presented Rob and Clara with their coffees before moving to stand in the corner to watch them sip their drinks.

As Clara made to leave, Hannah hugged her. "Thank you for helping me learn my lesson," she said softly before giving Clara a lingering goodbye kiss. It was a kiss that told her that, while Clara's part of the proceedings may be over, for Hannah things were only just getting started.

©Kilted Wookie January 2019


  1. That's a nice way to learn a lesson... and nice for all of them to have this experience. Nice, hot story!
    Rebel xox

  2. God damn this was hot. Really, REALLY dug the filthy dialog. Thanks for sharing!

  3. "And a good time was had by all..."

  4. That would be a tough punishment to endure, but why do I kinda want it? Very nice!

  5. That is quite the way to learn a lesson!

  6. Wow, some lesson indeed! Great story KW xx

  7. Ooohh! This was goooood!! Sexy, dirty goodness! x

  8. Nice ending...leaves the door open for more writing, I'd say...

  9. Some lessons are more fun to learn than others!


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