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Time And Place

Food For Thought Friday - #F4TFridayThere is a proper time and place for sex. The time is now and the place is here with me…

Any takers? No?

No change there then…

It’s probably fair to say that I don’t really have a favourite time of day for having sex. Full disclosure, it happens so rarely that any time it actually does happen is great regardless of where the big and little hands are pointing. Having said that, the various scenarios outlined in this week’s question all have their good points so, on the grounds that beggars can’t really afford to be choosers, I though I’d share my thoughts on each of the options.

First Thing
There is something particularly enjoyable about wake-up sex. It’s that combination of factors; you’re warm, comfortable, relaxed and (for the purposes of this post anyway) there is someone else there with you who is probably feeling similarly disposed. There’s a languidness about proceedings that doesn’t really have corresponding sensation at any other time of day. You’re awake, but only just. Bits of you are rousing and becoming aroused.

Kink of The WeekIf it’s a work day, there is probably a time limitation that needs to be faced, but what the hell. It’s warm, it’s cosy, it gets the blood pumping; it is, without question, a particularly pleasant way to start the day. If neither of you has any pressing reasons for getting up, you can take your time and have a long, lazy, post-coital snuggle.

The only real downside, physiological necessities aside, is that if it’s a work day, at some point the alarm is going to go off and it’s potentially going to make getting out of bed even more of a chore than it usually is.

During The Day
So many options, so many possibilities. The lazy afternoon in bed or on the sofa, or over the kitchen table, or indeed, anywhere else, at the weekend, or on a day off. That chance quickie, en passant, at lunchtime when fates and circumstances and gaps in schedules align. Summer afternoons in secluded parks or forest glades. Cold winder days under the duvet. Long and leisurely, rough and rushed, planned or spontaneous; the possibilities are as varied as they are multitude.

Night time 
As much as wake-up sex can be the perfect start to a day, night time sex can be the perfect end to it. Unless you have to get up at stupid o’ clock the next morning to catch the first flight to somewhere else, the chances are there are no real time restraints. OK, so you may have to wait until the offspring have finally settled, by which time the mood may have passed, but assuming libido hasn’t entirely shut down for the evening, it’s a fantastic way to end the day on a high.

Possibly you can have some alcohol to help you unwind. Time can be devoted to foreplay more readily than perhaps at other times of the day. It’s a fantastic way to relieve the stresses of the day and to burn off any remaining energy that you may have. While it’s possible it may have started in some other part of the house, if, by the time you reach the finalĂ©, you already happen to be in bed, a final satisfied snuggle is the prefect way to finish before (hopefully) surrendering to slumber.

Mostly though, I’m just enjoying the experience and sensations that go with having sex and not really paying any attention to the time on the clock.