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Watching As Punishment

Watching As Punishment by Kilted Wookie "Can you come over?" Rob's voice at the end of the line sounded more like a command than a request. "I need to teach Hannah a lesson." When Clara arrived at their house, Rob was smartly dressed. Hannah, however, was naked, gagged, and tied very firmly to an uncomfortable looking wooden chair in the living room. Her ankles were bound to the legs of the chair, and her wrists were tied behind her back. “She has been getting above herself recently,” Rob explained. “She needs to be taught how a proper slut behaves towards her Master.” Rob sat down, a glass of whisky in hand as he he made a show of eyeing Clara suggestively up and down. Hannah watched, eyes downcast. "Strip!" he commanded. Clara did as she was told and stood before him. "Get yourself a cushion," Rob said pleasantly, “a good, obedient slut doesn’t deserve to get sore knees,” he explained. His words were as much for Hannah as they were for Clar