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by Kilted Wookie

She kneels before him; mouth open, expectant like a hungry chick. He stands before her; his cock hard, the head, a swollen, angry purple.

She knew she had been bad; some unknown transgression against him. Her arse still stung from the kiss of his belt. Now, as their guests look on, he intends to humiliate her.

She waits as he works his fingers up and down his cock with long, slow, majestic strokes; each one bringing her ever closer to the moment of her humiliation.

“Worthless slut!” he growls. The tension in his voice betrays how close he is. “Filthy little slut!”

Her cunt grows hot and wet. She squirms uncomfortably against the ropes that bind her wrists to her ankles, feeling them dig roughly into her skin as her movements cause the knots to tighten.

She waits willingly for her humiliation; for him to show their guests just what a worthless filthy slut she is; to demonstrate his contempt for whatever she has done to displease him.

His cock twitches in his hand. The muscles in his abdomen tighten. His breathing becomes more laboured. She trembles in anticipation as her juices trickle down the insides of her thighs.

Without a word, without any more warning than the familiar tell-tale signs of his body, he comes. Thick, hot jets splash against her face and begin to trickle down her cheeks to drip on to her breasts. More, and yet still more, shoots from his cock as he marks his territory with his rich, thick load.

At last he subsides. He takes a step forward. He pushes the head of his cock between her lips. “Suck me slut! Suck me clean.” She does as she is bid, savouring the taste of the last remaining drops before swallowing them down.

He pulls out. Turning to their guests, he points at her, bound and cum-streaked. “Behold my filthy little slut,” he says, “Would anyone else care to decorate her?”

She gasps. He’s never done this before. A thrill of anticipation runs up her spine as one by one, the male guests begin to rise from their seats…

©Kilted Wookie December 2018


  1. Oh I loved this. Very hot and loved your use of humiliation. Just the right amount 😊

  2. So while I don't want ejaculate on my skin (it's not quite a hard limit but close) I looooove humiliation and sometimes crave this level of it (though it also scares the hell out of me, lol). Gawd, this was such a good read.

  3. Sexy, sexy, sexy! Oh also, I should mention that this is SEXY!!!


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