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Claiming Jane

Claiming Jane
by Kilted Wookie

Friday Flash - #FriFlashJane assumes the required position; bent over with her skirt flipped up over her back and her knickers around her ankles.

Her cunt is wet. The anticipation builds her arousal.

My finger trails over her arse. A shiver runs up her spine. My hand slaps down. Jane's skin smarts at my touch.

Again and again; my hand rains down on Jane's upturned arse. Her cunt grows wetter with every slap.

I can almost feel the heat spread across Jane's soft cheeks. It stings; a delicious tingling of pain that makes her catch her breath.

Her face reddens, tears rise in Jane's eyes. Each strike of my hand creates a wonderful juxtaposition of pain and pleasure.

I slide a finger between the lips of Jane's cunt; feeling her warmth, testing her wetness.

My hands grip her hips. A soft moan escapes from between Jane's lips.

Moments pass; an eternity of anticipation.

I feel her brace herself as my fingers tighten their grip, digging deeper into her flesh.

With a single, deep, forceful thrust, I enter her, claiming her, making Jane mine.

©Kilted Wookie December 2018


  1. Sounds like a bloody good time was had by Jane =D And I very much enjoyed myself as I read along too x

  2. this is wonderful as always, so much anticipation and a satisfying finish!!!

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  5. Yum - lucky Jane, sounds a delicious interlude.


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