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Time Is Fleeting

Food For Thought Friday - #F4TFridayIn the right circumstances, I’ve always quite enjoyed a good quickie. Now, granted I wouldn’t want every fuck that I have to fall into the “wham, bam, thank you ma’am” category, but sometimes that’s what’s needed. There are, I’ll admit, few things that beat a long, drawn out, sex session with fondling, foreplay and lots of seriously good fucking in numerous positions; possibly doing it more than once if time allows and the flesh is capable. Sometimes, however, time is not on the side of slow, sensual sex marathons. Sometimes the need within us is too urgent for drawn out seduction and foreplay. Sometime both of these conditions can occur simultaneously. That’s when the quickie comes into its own.

One particular experience happened when a particular friend (with definite benefits) of mine intimated that she had a particular need. I was, at the time, en route between appointments but, as luck would have it, my route didn’t require much of a detour to take me to hers.

It was fast, it was frantic. I entered into the kitchen, pausing only long enough for her to kiss me and yank my trousers down, I spun her around, she braced herself on against the counter, I flipped up her skirt and entered her.

We fucked. We fucked hard. We fucked fast. There was no finesse, it was simply a raw sexual collision that lasted only a few minutes but, as it turned out, was exactly what we both needed.
And that is the beauty of quickies, the sheer primal animalism of them. A quickie is fucking pared back to its most basic, its most elemental. A quickie is a surrendering to the urgency of a desire that is overwhelming. A quickie is an outlet of lust when our most primitive mating drives take over. A quickie can be an act of sexual catharsis.

Of course, sometimes you want and need more than that explosive release of sexual energy. Sometimes we need tenderness, we need closeness, we need to hold and be held, we need that prolonged intimacy that comes from something much less rushed; we need a full three course meal, or perhaps even a banquet, not just a quick snack on the hoof.

Sometimes though, all there is is an urgent need of overwhelming lust/desire. Sometimes we simply don’t have the time to draw it out over an extended period of time. It’s at time like those when the quickie is the perfect solution, when there is just enough time for both partners to enjoy exactly just what they really need.