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Synergy - Not Always Greater Than The Sum Of The Parts

Food For Thought Friday - #F4TFridayIt should come as no surprise to anyone reading this, that cunnilingus is, and pretty much always has been, one of my favourite activities. If you didn’t know this about me already, where have you been? It also won’t (or at least shouldn’t) surprise anyone that, by virtue of being male, I am also a big fan of getting my cock sucked.

So, with that, you would think that if you apply the logic of synergy and take two things that I really enjoy and combine them, then the results would be mind-blowing. Sadly, however, as a general rule, that isn’t always, or indeed, almost ever, actually the case.

Now, I’m not knocking 69 (yes, OK, I suppose I am actually), it can be a lot of fun. It definitely involves all the senses and is extremely intimate. But, and it’s a big but, as fas as being an overwhelming sexual experience goes, it leaves a lot (in my opinion) to be desired.
Now, I confess, the first time I did it, as a randy teenager, I was like “WOW! Fuck! That’s intense! I’ve GOT to do THAT again.” And I did, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy it (and I still do); but after the novelty value of doing something “a wee bit kinky” (I was a teenager, remember) wears off, its limitations become increasingly apparent.

The Oral Sex ProjectFor me, part of the problem is, that when I am licking a woman’s cunt, I like to give it my full attention. I want to revel in it and savour it as much in my own way as (I hope) the recipient of my attentions is. When I’m going down on a woman, that is all I am concentrating on. I want the person on the receiving end of my mouth and tongue to experience the most intense pleasure that I can give them. The trouble is, if she’s sucking on my cock at the same time I’m feasting on her cunt, I know she’s not really getting everything out of it, because some of her attention is being diverted to pleasuring me and, on top of that, while she is doing that, the sensations of my tongue on her clit tend to throw her off her stride so, in the end, neither of us is fully able to concentrate on the task at hand (or should that be mouth?).

Similarly, and conversely, when I’m getting my cock sucked, I want to savour it, to wallow in it, to enjoy every single moment of it. I want the woman sucking my cock to be as focussed on doing that, as I was about eating her out; as focussed on my pleasure, as I was on hers.

I have discovered that, for some reason, women seem to find getting their cunts and clits licked somewhat distracting. I guess it’s not easy trying to concentrate on sucking me into oblivion while I’m feasting on them, just as I find it hard to concentrate on fully pleasuring her when I’m trying hard not to blow my load down her throat.

So, for all that it can be fun, and isn’t without a certain enjoyableness, on the whole, I’d rather keep giving and receiving as two entirely separate, if closely related, activities.