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Special Places

Food For Thought Friday - #F4TFridayIn a way, this kinds of links back to last week’s post. While Friday may have been my birthday, that’s not really something that means much to me. I keep track of the passing of the years more through the steadily increasing creaks, aches and pains, along with the greying and thinning of my hair rather than paying attention to the actual number. No, for me, what is more important is that at this point in the year (i.e. late September/early October), as part of my self-care routine, I take myself away for one or two weeks to relax and recharge.

I don’t always go to the same place, as I enjoy experiencing new things, but there is a place I do tend to return to quite regularly; a quiet little place on the north-west corner of the Greek island of Corfu that has, not one, but two fantastic beaches (and a particularly lovely taverna with the most amazing views, and very good beers, situated at the highest point on the ridge that separates them).

Mind Matters - #SB4MHThe fact that both beaches welcome those of us that like to wear nothing more than sun-screen is, of course, an added bonus
It’s not about sex, although I have actually had sex on one of those beaches, on a previous visit; it’s about freedom, and comfort that aids relaxation and helps my overall sense of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

I am fortunate that I have quite a relaxed attitude to being naked. I appreciate that being naked in a public place, albeit a place where many other people are equally as naked, is not something that everyone is comfortable with. For me though, it is a simple pleasure to be able to enjoy the sun without any clingy material making me uncomfortable as bits of me get a bit sweaty, and also being able to cool down by taking to the water, without the same (now very wet) bits of material plastering themselves to me.

Exposure to sunshine is, I believe, essential for our well-being. Being able to take time off to properly switch-off and relax is equally important. Doing both, when it is possible, multiplies the benefits. For me, being able to do both in a place that I love visiting makes it particularly special.

When you have a birthday in October, the idea that you may be able to spend it sipping an ice cool beer while sitting naked on a beach enjoying the heat of the sun isn’t an image that, perhaps, comes obviously to mind. While the birthday itself is not something that I pay much regard to, the location and situation do make it particularly special.