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Finding Inspiration

Food For Thought Friday - #F4TFridayInspiration is all around. At least, it can be.  I tend to draw my sources from daily life. Sometimes a conversation will send my mind down avenues that I want to explore. A post, or tweet from another blogger may sometimes jog my own thoughts on a particular subject. Casually observing people going about their lives, their interactions with others can also trigger the imagination, particularly when it comes to writing fiction.

Memes such as #MasturbationMonday, #TMITuesday, #WickedWednesday, #Food4TThought, #KinkOfTheWeek or The Erotic Journal Challenge can also provide much need inspiration with their weekly/fortnightly prompts.

I’ve mentioned before that, when it comes to the stories I write, there is combination of imagination and experience, in varying proportions, in every one. A particular experience, a memory, or sometimes even the anticipation of something that is still to happen can, when mixed with the correct quantity of “artistic” licence, result in something that I need to write down.

When it comes to deciding what I share, I don’t really have any filters. Certain stories may never make it out of my drafts folder, simply because I don’t think they are good enough, or I run out of steam and never quite finish them. My thought pieces are much more immediate; they are things that are on my mind, they are things that I have a particular opinion about. It can be something I enjoy, or something that has pissed me off. I’ve described my blog as an extension of my twitter account; it is somewhere where I can express myself where I need more than 280 characters to do so. It is a place where I can lay bare my thoughts, feelings and emotions. It’s where I can be smutty, flirty, funny, serious, silly and sensible. It is where I am free to express myself.

Sometime it can be cathartic, but mostly it is just a form of release. Life provides a myriad of stimuli that affect us all in different ways. My blog is just one of the ways I respond to stimuli and the experience of just being me.



  1. I use my blog in a similar a place to react to and process the world around me. Writing can be cathartic, as you say, or simply a way to dump the millions of thoughts swimming in our brains.


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