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#StoryIn12 - September

#StoryIn12Another month, another collection of 12 word flash fiction written for the #StoryIn12  meme on twitter, hosted by Molly (aka @mollysdailykiss) and Wriggly Kitty (aka @Wriggly_Kitty).

Here are this month’s contributions:
  • Question – Like most politicians, he had a tendency to avoid answering the question.
  • Upstairs – A trail of playfully discarded clothing enticed him to follow her upstairs.
  • White – The white lines streaked across her skin; the evidence of his climax.
  • Ladylike – The urgent need that gripped her, left no time for ladylike behaviour.
  • Authority – She had no problem with authority, she just loved feeling his belt.
  • Dirty – “Time to get my hands dirty” he thought, rolling up his sleeves.
  • Tasty – Her lingering flavour on his lips; a tasty reminder of their passion.
  • Freedom – Her submission allowed her to be the person she wanted to be.
  • Charcoal – He traced her gentle curves on the paper with bold charcoal lines.
  • School – The skills he liked to employ were not those taught in school.
  • List – She was always at the top of his “things to do” list.
  • Establish – It was time to establish if the lesson had been well learnt.
  • Velvet – Her soft skin felt as smooth as velvet as he caressed her.
  • Ribbon – In public she wore a ribbon, in private she wore a collar.
  • Room – She was the only one he had room in his life for.
  • Courtship – It was less of a courtship and more of a Devil’s contract.
  • Drive – His depression robbed him of his customary drive and passion for living.
  • Violation – It was a minor violation, but a third strike meant the belt.
  • Mean – What do you mean “no”? Someone needs to be taught their place…
  • Frozen – Frozen, she waited in anticipation for the stinging kiss of his belt.
  • Murder – Trying to fit an idea into only twelve words can be murder.
  • Aid – Spotting her tied to the tracks, he rushed gallantly to her aid.
  • Commitment – He made a commitment to guide, protect and, where necessary, punish her.
  • Monday – He took a gulp of coffee and sighed; Monday had arrived again.
  • Eyebrow – He raised a stern eyebrow: “I think it’s time for your lesson.”
  • Begin – He flexed the cane authoritatively: “If you are ready, we shall begin.”
  • Accept – It took time for him to fully accept who he really was.
  • Subject – I need a volunteer to assist as I demonstrate today’s subject: cunnilingus.
  • Evening – An evening spent with friends, leaving her tired, happy, and very satisfied.
  • Symbol – She was strong, intelligent and successful. She was no one’s status symbol.