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Sensual Sounds

Food For Thought Friday - #F4TFridayI don’t really say much during sex; I’m usually far too distracted. That’s not to say that I lie there in stony silence while the other person tries to determine if I’m enjoying her attentions; I may not say a lot, but I do tend to vocalise quite a lot. It seems I have quite a range of moans, groans, sighs and occasional whimpers. These are often accompanied by my non-vocal responses: the flinches, the twitches and the all too noticeable finalĂ©.

In terms of how my partner expresses pleasure, that’s pretty much down to them. Like everyone, I do like to get some form of “constructive feedback” to let me know what I am doing is being enjoyed. I’ve known women who like to talk, to tell me what they’d like me to do, and let me know that I am doing it right. I’ve known others who, like myself, tend to just moan and sigh. Thankfully, I’ve never had a partner who has been a pornesque asthmatic banshee, as I suspect I would find that decidedly offputting. I’m all for encouragement, but I’d really rather not spend the whole time wondering if I might need to call for an ambulance or administer CPR.

Of course, the vocal noises aren’t the only sounds. There’s the sound of our breathing, changing in depth and speed as arousal deepens and climax approaches. There’s sound of skin on skin as our bodies move together; the rhythmic slapping varying in cadence as we alter pace and position. There’s the sound of the bed beneath us, the sheets rustling, the base softly creaking.

All of these sounds combine with our vocalisations. A thrust of the hips eliciting a moan, a tightening of her cunt around my cock causing me to sigh. The sounds of our bodies moving together as she drags her fingernails down my back, sinking them into my buttocks to urge me on.

The sobbing moan of her climax as she surrenders to the overwhelming sensations; followed by the series of short, sharp sighs that announce my own.

Afterwards, if I’m lucky and time is on our side, I might hear one more sound; the sound of her asking if I’d like to do it all over again.