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Getting Started

Food For Thought Friday - #F4TFridayI wrote my first erotic story way back in about 1998/99 and posted it on one of the alt-dot newsgroups on usenet. A couple of years later, I found Literotica and started posting my stories on there. I also posted them on a “blog” at adult friendfinder. I wasn’t aware of there being a blogging community at that point, just the people who frequented those sites and who occasionally commented or left feedback on my posts.

In 2011 I discovered Twitter and created the persona of Hairy Highlander. I also moved my stories on to a wordpress blog to create what would become the first iteration of what would, after several deletions and reinventions, eventually evolve into this site. In those days, however, it was still very much just me and a few people I had began to chat with. I still didn’t really “belong” to a community as such. People liked my stories. People chatted to me on Twitter. That was pretty much that.

In 2014 came the first deletion. For reasons I won’t go in to, Hairy Highlander had to go. I stayed away for about 6 months until the growing urge to return became too hard to resist. I missed the friendships that had developed on twitter and, while some of them continued on my “vanilla” account, I couldn’t be the naughty, flirty, filth peddler on that account that Hairy Highlander had allowed me to be. Eventually, Kilted Wookie was born and, despite a few more deletions, still exists today as the persona under which I share my writing and my thouights.

Share Our Shit SaturdayDespite the fact that, apart from a 6 month hiatus, I had a blog, of sorts, for over three years, I wasn’t actually a blogger as such. I did the odd bit of writing as the mood and inspiration took me, and that was as far as it went. I was, however, beginning to follow more blogs and interact with bloggers on Twitter. It would about another 6 months before two very persuasive women, Cheryl Kaye and Charlie Powell (or @HornyGeekGirl or @sexblogofsorts to use their twitter names) managed to get me to take things to another level.

Between them they waxed lyrical about the dearth of male sex bloggers and how much they wished for “more cock on #SinfulSunday“. Eventually I took the bait and I posted my very first #SinfulSunday submission. That was January 2015.

That was effectively my “initiation”; I was now a member of a community that I had been skirting around the edges of for almost a year. As well as my photos, I started sharing my thoughts and opinions. I started contributing to #MasturbationMonday and #WickedWednesday. I was enjoying my place in this accepting group of creative people. They liked my photos and my writing, they respected (if not always agreed with) my opinions, they were supportive of my mental health problems and allowed me to be even more open about such things.

Mostly, It was great. I say mostly, because sadly, not everyone online is who they seem to be. I encountered someone who, as I explained in this post, would result in another of my periodic deletions.

I would eventually drag myself back into the community again. My photos and stories had been backed up, so it was fairly simple to put them back online. My opinion stuff was, however, gone. I could have used a service like  the Wayback Machine to retrieve them if I’d really wanted to, but those posts were really products of the times they were written and what was going through my mind at that particular time, so I didn’t really see the point of revisiting them.

So, while Kilted Wookie returned to writing stories and poems, for the reasons explained here, Zen Nudist started spouting fresh opinions. As for stories, apart from my #StoryIn12 submissions, sadly I haven’t really got back into that.

And that’s where I am today. Yes, there have been some dark spells, but on the whole the blogging community has always been very positive and supporting towards me. I would hope that other members of the community would say the same about me.

It’s not always easy. Sometimes the inspiration doesn’t flow and there is always the nagging fear that one day I may get outed and that may have a detrimental effect on my life/career but I am glad that I found this community and honoured and humbled to be considered to be a part of it.