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Animals Unleashed

#MasturbationMondayA touch – a drag of a fingertip across my skin; up my side, across my chest and down my abdomen. Her lips on my neck, the warmth of her breath causing goose-pimples. The hand moves lower, down the outside of my thigh then up the inside.

My body tenses. A sigh escapes from between my lips. She knows my body so well, knows what I like, knows my responses.

A fingernail is drawn lightly along the underside of my penis. I flinch and grow harder. “You like that, don’t you?” she whispers huskily in my ear.

I nod. “Uh huh,” I sigh.

She does it again. The same result.

She teases the tip before lightly circling the head with her finger. My spasms make her chuckle. She knows exactly what to do to make me give her what she wants, what she needs.
Fingers stroke up and down. She kisses her way down my body. I stiffen in anticipation of what she is about to do.

Her lips replace her fingers; she kisses up and down my shaft. Her tongue teases the tip before she wraps her lips around me and draws me into her mouth.

Lips slide up and down, tongue swirls, fingers stroke, I work my fingers through her hair as she sucks me; the ease of long familiarity telling her exactly how I enjoy her mouth.

It is unspoken, but I know what she wants. With her lips and fingers she seeks to bring forth my primal self; she is focused on unleashing my animal desire. The pleasure she is giving me is a precursor to that which I will give her; her tenderness will be repaid with my roughness.

My breathing deepens, blood courses, the transformation is almost complete; the spell woven by her by her lips and fingers unleashes its magic.

And then I am inside her; pinning her beneath me as my cock fills her. Her cunt grips me as I take her. Her fingernails, no longer gentle, rake my back as plough into her; urging me to take her harder. The bed groans beneath our collision. The room fills with the sounds of our coupling: moans, sighs, the slapping of skin against skin.

The animal heat now grips her as we fuck. The tenderness has long gone, replaced by that most primal lust of our basic urges. The time for consideration has passed as we both focus on our own pleasure, taking what we can from each other’s bodies in those extended moments of union.

Beneath me, her eyes are closed, her fingers dig into my skin. A moan and that familiar dreamy expression tell me what I need to know. She opens her eyes, her hunger now satiated, her features relax in satisfied contentment.

“Cum hard,” she breathes, “I want to feel you…”

I surge forward, the dam bursts; I release my essence and my tension into her. Her hands caress my rigid body as I erupt. “Oh yes, that’s my man…” she whispers as I groan incoherently in time with those final climatic thrusts.

We lie together; savouring the warmth of each other’s bodies as we hold each other close. Our breathing becomes regular, our heart rates slow, and once again the animals retreat into the night.