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#StoryIn12 - September

Another month, another collection of 12 word flash fiction written for the #StoryIn12   meme on twitter , hosted by  Molly (aka @mollysdailykiss ) and Wriggly Kitty (aka @Wriggly_Kitty ). Here are this month’s contributions: Question  – Like most politicians, he had a tendency to avoid answering the question. Upstairs  – A trail of playfully discarded clothing enticed him to follow her upstairs. White  – The white lines streaked across her skin; the evidence of his climax. Ladylike – The urgent need that gripped her, left no time for ladylike behaviour. Authority  – She had no problem with authority, she just loved feeling his belt. Dirty  – “Time to get my hands dirty” he thought, rolling up his sleeves. Tasty  – Her lingering flavour on his lips; a tasty reminder of their passion. Freedom  – Her submission allowed her to be the person she wanted to be. Charcoal  – He traced her gentle curves on the paper with bold charcoal lines. School – The skills he liked to employ


Signs by Kilted Wookie Mascara streaked tears ran down her face, across cheeks flushed red with pain and arousal. The imprint of the rope, with its coils and knots crossed her skin; a pink swelling, evidence of how she’d struggled against it, pulling it tighter, digging into her flesh. Angry crimson welts, such a sharp contrast against the otherwise pale whiteness of her skin, burned across her buttocks, a market testiment to the kiss of his belt where it had rained down on her. Her smuged lipstick, a silent witness of how he had taken his pleasure from her mouth; her jaw ached and her throat was hoarse, a pleasnt reminder of how he had used her. Thick, sticky white globs of his essence on her her neck and over her breasts; a sign of his release. She barely noticed its warmth as it trickled over her skin, so inconsequential in comparison to the heat of her recently thrashed backside. His arms wrapped tightly but tenderly around her, holding her close; comforting and

Animals Unleashed

A touch – a drag of a fingertip across my skin; up my side, across my chest and down my abdomen. Her lips on my neck, the warmth of her breath causing goose-pimples. The hand moves lower, down the outside of my thigh then up the inside. My body tenses. A sigh escapes from between my lips. She knows my body so well, knows what I like, knows my responses. A fingernail is drawn lightly along the underside of my penis. I flinch and grow harder. “You like that, don’t you?” she whispers huskily in my ear. I nod. “Uh huh,” I sigh. She does it again. The same result. She teases the tip before lightly circling the head with her finger. My spasms make her chuckle. She knows exactly what to do to make me give her what she wants, what she needs. Fingers stroke up and down. She kisses her way down my body. I stiffen in anticipation of what she is about to do. Her lips replace her fingers; she kisses up and down my shaft. Her tongue teases the tip before she wraps her lips around me an

Getting Started

I wrote my first erotic story way back in about 1998/99 and posted it on one of the alt-dot newsgroups on usenet . A couple of years later, I found Literotica and started posting my stories on there. I also posted them on a “blog” at adult friendfinder . I wasn’t aware of there being a blogging community at that point, just the people who frequented those sites and who occasionally commented or left feedback on my posts. In 2011 I discovered Twitter and created the persona of Hairy Highlander . I also moved my stories on to a wordpress blog to create what would become the first iteration of what would, after several deletions and reinventions, eventually evolve into this site. In those days, however, it was still very much just me and a few people I had began to chat with. I still didn’t really “belong” to a community as such. People liked my stories. People chatted to me on Twitter. That was pretty much that. In 2014 came the first deletion. For reasons I won’t go in to, Hairy

Sensual Sounds

I don’t really say much during sex; I’m usually far too distracted. That’s not to say that I lie there in stony silence while the other person tries to determine if I’m enjoying her attentions; I may not say a lot, but I do tend to vocalise quite a lot. It seems I have quite a range of moans, groans, sighs and occasional whimpers. These are often accompanied by my non-vocal responses: the flinches, the twitches and the all too noticeable finalĂ©. In terms of how my partner expresses pleasure, that’s pretty much down to them. Like everyone, I do like to get some form of “constructive feedback” to let me know what I am doing is being enjoyed. I’ve known women who like to talk, to tell me what they’d like me to do, and let me know that I am doing it right. I’ve known others who, like myself, tend to just moan and sigh. Thankfully, I’ve never had a partner who has been a pornesque asthmatic banshee, as I suspect I would find that decidedly offputting. I’m all for encouragement, but I’d

Self Indulgence

I have referred to my masturbatory “dry-spell” before. For reasons due to my depression and the medicine I take to control it, attempting to provide myself with a little “personal relief” all to often results in causing more frustration than it alleviates. Such being the case, it is something I have more or less given up on, as effort and frustration far outweighs any benefit I may derive from it. In those days when I was much more inclined, I always used my hands . It is, I suppose, entirely possible that toy use could help alleviate my current masturbatory reticence, but I suspect I will never know for sure. I’m not knocking the use of male masturbation aids; I know that many men find them highly enjoyable, they are, however, just not my thing. While I have often enjoyed watching partners masturbate; for me, doing it myself has almost always been a private pleasure. This isn’t so much a personal preference on my part; more that the partners I have had have almost invariably