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Word for Wednesday - Collaboration


/kuh-lab-uh–rey-shuh n/
  1. the act of working with another or others on a joint project
  2. something created by working jointly with another or others
If you think about it in a particular way, sex is a highly evolved form of collaboration; the partners involved combining their efforts to create a wonderful and (hopefully) mutually satisfying experience. It is the embodiment of the concept of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.

Whether it is experimenting with a new partner – exploring their body, finding out their particular tastes, desires; or with a long-term partner whose body, whose turn-ons, whose most intimate needs are so comfortably familiar they need not be spoken, sex is a shared experience where each action has its reaction that builds upon and reinforces what has come before, heightening arousal and building passion. The shared closeness builds from a simple beginning, through a chain reaction of increasing arousal and passion, leading to a climactic and intensely satisfying ending.

Sex is more than just a collaboration of bodies, it is one of minds and souls. It is an expression of shared intimacy and of shared vulnerability. It is a sharing of self.

Wicked WednesdayTender kisses becoming increasingly passionate. Exploratory caresses becoming increasingly focused. Bodies joined and moving together becoming increasingly urgent as our most primal urges gain ascendancy and briefly take control. Each kiss, each stroke, each lick, each thrust intensifying the sensation of those that preceded it, taking the participants inexorably closer to the moment of completion.

It is collaboration of the senses: touch, taste, sound, scent and sight; each combining and enhancing the experience, adding to the synergy of the moment. We collaborate by focusing on our partner’s needs and desires as they reciprocate by focusing on ours. We pay special attention to those bits of each other’s bodies that we know react most intensely to stimulation. We do those things to each other that we know we find most pleasurable. When circumstances allow, we set our pace and force and intensity to levels that prolong each other’s pleasure. In the end, we share each other’s release, drawing on it, allowing the positive feedback to intensify our own enjoyment and, ultimately, satisfaction.

And when, afterwards, we lie there entangled, a sweaty, sated mess of untidy hair, unruly limbs and tangled sheets, we share the afterglow of a bloody good collaboration.