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#StoryIn12 - August

#StoryIn12Another month, another collection of micro fiction for #StoryIn12, the flash fiction meme on twitter, hosted by Molly (aka @mollysdailykiss) and Wriggly Kitty (aka @Wriggly_Kitty). This time I have surpassed myself and actually managed to come up with a story for all 31 daily prompts.

Here are this month’s contributions:
  • Vice – The migraine felt like his head was being crushed in a vice.
  • Letter – One letter at a time, he slowly deciphered the secret message’s meaning.
  • Husband – She didn’t need a husband, all she really needed was a lover.
  • Sunday – Sunday: the end of the weekend, a new week full of potential.
  • Fight – Not wanting to fight, he retreated into the safety of the shadows.
  • French – He couldn’t speak French but he understood her intention; desire is universal.
  • Grace – He said grace, then lent forward between her legs to taste her.
  • Barefoot – Walking barefoot through the breaking waves was one of life’s simple pleasures.
  • Reflection – The reflection didn’t lie, instead it told an all too painful truth.
  • Broken – The effort of staying strong for so long had finally broken him.
  • Filthy – I’m in such a filthy mood, it’s probably best to avoid me.
  • Cream – It had a texture like cream and left a rich, bitter aftertaste.
  • Dance – Dance like no one is watching. She danced, and no one was.
  • Circle – One at a time, taking each other’s hands, they completed the circle.
  • Swallow – “You may swallow now, little one”, he said softly, “It’s your reward”.
  • Victory – They called it victory but it came at too high a price.
  • Remedy – There were no quick fixes available. A full remedy would take time.
  • Honour – The offer of her submission was an honour he could not refuse.
  • Dead – Another day of coming to terms with the fact I’m not dead.
  • Taste – The taste of her lingered on his lips long after she’d gone.
  • Message – Smiling, she tilted her screen away to read his message in private.
  • Judge – Judge me if you wish. I am who I am; nothing else.
  • Rose – She rose; a triumphant phoenix from the ashes of her former self.
  • Demand – It was a simple demand, but it would have a profound impact.
  • Attack – It was a surprise attack and it was devastating in its effect.
  • Exam – Opening the envelope, dread turned to joy upon seeing his exam results.
  • Wine – She tasted like a fine wine; an intense pleasure on my tongue.
  • Imaginary – Unlike her husband, the imaginary lovers of her fantasy satisfied her completely.
  • Satisfied – As it always did, his tongue left her drained but completely satisfied.
  • Knock – The gentle knock at the door startled her out of her daydream.
  • Nasty – It could have been a nasty fall. Only his pride was hurt.