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Word for Wednesday - Doppelgänger


/daw-puh l-geng-er/
  1. ghostly double or counterpart of a living person 
I sometimes wonder where the Zen Nudist ends and Kilted Wookie begins; or indeed where they both end and the “real” me begins.

I have written before about how the Zen Nudist/Kilted Wookie dichotomy came to be but, I am an extreme compartmentaliser by nature. Every facet of my life is neatly filed away in its own space. I have cultured different online personae for different aspects of my personality so that each has its own voice and its own place in the world.

Some of you may follow all of my various online incarnations, some may follow only one. Those of you who know me by more than one of my identities will almost certainly notice that, no matter who much I try to keep them apart, there is a degree of overlap and a number of common themes that are an inevitable consequence of “us” all inhabiting the same consciousness.

The truth is, I am, of course, the sum of all of those aspects and more. I am a totality of those elements I share through whichever outlet I deem most appropriate, and those things that I keep tightly to myself, forever hidden away from the world at large. KW/ZeN and I are not actually Doppelgänger, we are simply different parts of the same whole; coexisting in time and in physical space, and one could not exist without the other simply because they are, in fact, one and not other at all.

Through twitter and my blog, I have allowed different aspects of myself and my personality to have their own lives and voices. Each separate “me” is able to articulate its own interactions with the world around it; where ZeN philosophises, KW exhibits, but both are simply “me” expressing myself.
As humans, we all chose the bits of ourselves that we share and with whom we share them. We are all many different people depending on who it is that observes us and interacts with us. We all have those bits of ourselves we prefer not to let others see.

We all possess our own counterparts, our own Doppelgänger.