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#StoryIn12 - July

#StoryIn12This month, I have, once again been playing along with the #StoryIn12 flash fiction meme on twitter, hosted by Molly (aka @mollysdailykiss) and Wriggly Kitty (aka @Wriggly_Kitty).

Here are this month’s contributions:
  • Revival – The warm summer sunlight inspired a much needed revival of her spirits.
  • Voyage – His lips slowly explored her soft skin; a voyage of intimate discovery.
  • Raw – The pain of loss was still fresh; the wound was still raw.
  • Improvement – My mood was still dark; medication had failed to make any improvement.
  • Underline – Her rapid breathing only served to underline the effects of his tongue.
  • Button – He undid one button, then another; moving slowly, inexorably towards his goal.
  • Visible – Vulnerable, exposed, naked and visible; the attention caused a shiver of anticipation.
  • Summer – Summer is often the hardest time to be alone with your thoughts.
  • Building – He lived behind walls; building them higher to keep out the world.
  • Bridge – Today’s present is the swaying bridge between yesterday’s past and tomorrow’s future.
  • Candy – Candy stared into the distance, wondering what the future had in store.
  • Price – It was a high price to pay, but the reward was freedom.
  • Photo – The faded photo triggered a cascade of memories; some happy, some bittersweet.
  • Relax – He wanted to relax but his brain refused to give him peace.
  • Sheet – Pulling away the sheet, she revealed herself, surrendering to his appreciative scrutiny.
  • Late – She was late and he detested tardiness. She knew she’d be punished.
  • Poison – Her kisses were the sweetest poison, and he was addicted to them.
  • Street – They lived on different sides of the same street, but worlds apart.
  • Fail – With hindsight, he knew it was almost inevitable that he would fail.
  • Green – He struggled to come up with a twelve word story containing “Green”.
  • Developing – He really couldn’t take those particular photographs to the chemist for developing.