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For Your Viewing Pleasure

Food For Thought Friday - #F4TFridayI’ve mentioned before how, as a result of depression and the medication I take, masturbation is not something that features very highly on my list of sexual activities. Having said that, however, watching a partner masturbate, either in person or across some form of video link, is one of life’s underrated simple pleasures.

Part of it is that it is something that is almost entirely passive from my point of view. Other than perhaps murmuring words of encouragement, my role is simply to watch and enjoy the view as it unfolds. I get to concentrate on those little details: the sounds she makes, the involuntary movements, the flinches, the tics as she pleasures herself. I get to watch the changing expression on her face as her body responds, her arousal deepens and her climax approaches and finally breaks over her.

Of course, by this point I am usually so turned on myself that, assuming I am with her and not watching her remotely via video, the chances are we will probably have a seriously intense fuck so, in a way, her “performance”, as much as it was about her own please, becomes a form of very sensual and extended foreplay.

I’ve never watched a partner have sex, but when I was with the woman in this post, I did insist that she tell me about her “play dates” in the most minute detail. There was something insanely hot about having her recount her stories, pausing occasionally to demonstrate on me, what she had done with her “play mate” (assuming it had been another man, obviously), or just have her leisurely stroke my cock as she told me what she’d got up to with a female friend.

Again, this would often be a form of foreplay. The retelling of her encounters would turn her on as much as hearing her tell them turned me on. The sex that followed was always intense, leaving us both drained and extremely satisfied.

Like quite a few of us in this community, I have attended swinging clubs where I have both watched others have sex and had other people watch me. The experiences of watching and being watched are, to me at least, very different. Watching actually isn’t that much different from porn (albeit without the asthmatic wailings and over-reacting of the participants). Actually it is, quite literally “real” sex in a way that over produces porn isn’t.

Being watched, once you get over the initial self-consciousness is quite interesting in you realise that you are part of two different things. You are actively participating in your own pleasure and that of your partner, but you are also the focus of someone else’s. It adds another level to the experience knowing that someone else is getting off watching you and your partner getting off.

Finally, however, it would be remiss of me if I didn’t mention those involuntary observations. I’m almost certain that anyone who shares a house with a cat, has experienced the slightly off-putting intensity with which they sometimes observe such (to them at least) “bizarre” acts of humaning. It’s a scrutiny that if often much more daunting to endure than that of any mere human audience.