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When Nothing Seems To Matter

Mind Matters - #SB4MHI’m on a bit of a break; from Twitter at least, I still have some posts either queued or in draft on my blog to keep it ticking over for a while.

Due to the inexplicable workings of my brain chemistry, things have taken a much darker turn recently. Nothing seems to matter very much at the moment, least of all me. Even the things that, generally, I am most passionate about, fail to register or, at most, elicit a “Meh” response.

Every now and then, I write a post that is really just for me; it’s a way of trying to release the darkness and relieve the numbness of living day-to-day or, in some cases, hour-to-hour. This is one of those posts. The only person it is really intended for is me; so, if you have wasted a few moments of your life reading this only to discover there was no real point to my ramblings, I can only apologise.

I am aware that this is simply another iteration of an all too familiar process; one that I have written about so many times before that if you are reading this, you are probably bored of reading it. I know that, like all the other times, this spell will (probably) pass and I will achieve some sort of equilibrium again. Knowing this does not make the “now” any easier. The rut has become a dark maze of trenches with no easily discernible exit and no light to guide my passage through it.