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Time To Play

Food For Thought Friday - #F4TFridaySo, this week the Food For Thought challenge is all about about time, seduction and prolonging pleasure. Here are my thoughts on the matter…
Assuming you have no time constraints, what would your “ideal” experience be like?
I don’t have a picture of what an “ideal” sex session would be like. A lot, as I tend to repeat myself, depends on who I’m with and the circumstances. A long, languid, lazy lie-in at the weekend has a totally different dynamic from a quiet evening free from distractions. Ideal, in either sense is simply the opportunity to do the things we want to do to each other and with each other, without having to keep one eye on the clock to ensure we aren’t disturbed or don’t have to be somewhere else. The real luxury is simply just having the time to use as we please, whether that be spending a couple of hours cuddling on the sofa, or working up a sweat with some energetic fucking, or anything in between these two opposites. It’s all about having the time to do whatever we are in the mood to do and enjoy it fully.

When you are in the mood, do you have any seduction ploys that you like to use?
Simple answer, no. I’m not sure I could be seductive if I tried. Generally, if either the person I’m with and/or I am in the mood, this will be communicated somehow and we’ll just get on and do whatever we feel like doing allowing for circumstances and the time we have available.

Wicked WednesdayWhat do you like to do to prolong the pleasure for both you and your partner?
There are a few aspects to this. I’ve written before about prolonged foreplay; that extended teasing that can build arousal over hours, and sometimes days, so that by the time we are actually together, all that remains is for us to tear each other’s clothes off and devour each other.

Then there’s what we do “during”. Certain activities can prolong things; teasing, tormenting. The pace and vigour with which we fuck will clearly have a determination on how long that particular bit lasts, but that is just one bit.  There’s the way we explore each other’s bodies with our fingers, lips and tongues, there’s the way she strokes and sucks my cock, there’s the way I choose to feast on her cunt, there’s the way we choose to withhold or permit our own, and/or each other’s orgasms that all add into the overall experience.

Finally, there’s what happens after. Orgasm doesn’t need to signal the end. There’s the after care – whether it be in a D/s sense or simply just holding and caressing as we come down from our respective highs, as our breathing and heart rates return to normal. Then, depending on whether or not the proceedings have left us fully sated, there’s the possibility that there may be some form of encore or reprise, in whatever form that takes.

“Ideal”, in the context of the question can, for me at least, encompass many things. The length of time taken, or presence or absence of any one aspect or activity does not make a particular experience any more or less ideal; for me it is simply the ability to revel in whatever we are doing for however long we have. “Ideal” comes from fully indulging in and taking the maximum pleasure from whatever it is you are indulging in.