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The Closest Shave

Kink of The WeekI have mentioned before that I am actually quite fond of pubic hair on a woman. There is something about slowly running my fingers through those soft, and increasingly damp, curls between a woman’s legs that can transport me back in time to when sex and exploration of the female body were new experiences for me.

The woman I was with at the time this tale relates to was aware of, and more than happy to accommodate my preferences such as they were. She liked to keep her pubic hair in a neat, evenly trimmed triangle; not so long that it got out of control, but not so short that it lost its natural softness. I grew quite attached to the way it tickled my nose when I went down on her.

One Saturday afternoon, out of the blue, she asked me if I would mind shaving her, as she would like to know what being smooth felt like. I agreed on the grounds that I would also find it interesting to see how differently she experienced things having her cunt smooth and bare.

At first I trimmed her. Then I asked if she wanted me to continue. She nodded, and I continued; washing her and applying my shaving cream to he intimate area.

The flush on her skin told me that she was finding the experience particularly arousing and, despite the need to concentrate, I found myself responding too.

I shaved her carefully and delicately; stretching her skin so as to avoid nicking her with the blade. It took no more than about 5 minutes for me to get her completely bare. Her moisture glistened on her labia, telling me exactly how erotic she had found the experience.

I took care to rinse the remaining cream from her skin, patted her dry before applying some moisturising cream to her freshly bare skin.  She squirmed in response to my touch. The familiar scent of her arousal pervade my consciousness.

And then, because the experience had turned me on almost as much as it had her, and because her beautiful smooth, bald cunt looked so inviting, I went down on her.

She came quickly; in part down to her already high level of arousal and in part due to the extra sensitivity of her newly fresh skin.

#MasturbationMondayI savoured the rich taste of her orgasm and continued to feast, driving her on relentlessly, mercilessly until she sobbed, begging me to fuck her.

It has a hard, primal fuck. She clawed my back and dug her fingernails into my buttocks as I took her. I pinned her to the floor as lost ourselves in the heat of a carnal frenzy; her cunt gripping my cock tight as I drove it in and out.

And then we came; me first, exploding inside her, and her moments later as ground her hips upwards to meet me.

It had been fast, it had been frantic, it had been raw. We were both pleasantly surprised at the intensity with which we had both reacted to that simple act.

She met up with one of her “play dates” that evening, and she enjoyed her new look as much as I did.
She did enjoy how “rough” my general hairiness and, in particular, the stubble on my face felt on her when she was smooth. She also enjoyed the way she felt to herself when she took herself “in hand”.

The novelty, however, wore off quickly when the prickly reality of maintenance set in and she soon reverted to letting it grow again, and it wasn’t too long before I was reunites with that soft fuzz that I always liked running my fingers through.

In our time together, she never went bare again. There was no need; she had found out what she wanted, and I liked her cunt in its (nearly) natural state. It was, however, a highly erotic experience that I’m fairly sure neither of us will forget.