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#StoryIn12 - May

#StoryIn12So, for the past couple of weeks, I’ve been playing along with the #StoryIn12 flash fiction meme on twitter. For those of you who don’t know what it is,  Molly (aka @mollysdailykiss) and Wriggly Kitty (aka @Wriggly_Kitty) have created a daily flash fiction meme. Every day, a new prompt word is posted and the challenge is to write a “complete” story in exactly 12 words, that includes the prompt.

Here are mine for May:
  • Remark – It had been a throwaway remark, but it had many unforeseen consequences.
  • Suitcase – His suitcase erupted, spilling a week’s dirty laundry on the airport floor.
  • Irony – The greatest irony was that he hadn’t even wanted to be there.
  • Unlike – Normally so stern and serious, this newfound levity was so unlike him.
  • High – Perched atop the high tower, the panoramic view took his breath away.
  • Core – The atomic core was unstable, it could collapse unexpectedly at any moment.
  • Desert – The unrelenting oppressive heat of the desert sun took its inevitable toll.
  • Salvation – The cool shady oasis would provide his salvation from the punishing heat.
  • Evacuation – As the river of lava approached the village, the evacuation efforts intensified.
  • Upset – It is easy to get upset when the world is against you.
  • Animal – She teased her lover, knowing it would unleash the animal inside him.
  • Vision – My vision is fine, it’s just that my arms are too short.