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The Rough And The Smooth

Food For Thought Friday - #F4TFridayGiven my chosen nom de plume, I suspect no one is in the least bit surprised when I say I am somewhat hirsute.

In terms of facial hair, I’ve written before about how, in my opinion, I don’t suit a beard. The problem is, like most men I suspect, I’m not particularly fond of shaving. My skin is particularly sensitive and no matter how much care I take, a certain amount of irritation is inevitable. At the same time, the itchiness that occurs when my stubble gets beyond a certain length is also an irritation, albeit of a different kind. With this in mind, my facial grooming tends to be all about balancing the irritations, and so I shave when the itchiness gets too much (every 4/5 days).

Downstairs grooming is, again, more of a convenience. I tend to keep my balls smooth, because I enjoy the extra sensitivity when someone touches me there that it provides. Above “the waterline” I keep my pubic hair trimmed short. Being hairy, unless I was prepared to go for the all-over hair removal, I’d look bloody silly if I had a bald patch around my privates. Being uncircumcised, it also minimises the potential discomfort of getting pubes caught under my foreskin, which only really manifests when my “significant fraction” takes it upon itself to expand. Finally, for the benefits of any partner who is inclined to get up close and personal with my penis, it reduces the possibility of an impromptu flossing.

As for what I like on a partner, I’ve mentioned that I do have a fondness for pubic hair on a woman. If I have a preference, I prefer it to be tidy but these things are personal preference of the woman concerned. Smooth, trimmed and tidy, or au naturale, they all taste wonderful and the presence or absence of pubic hair makes no difference to how wonderful a woman’s cunt feels when my cock is inside her.