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In Plain Sight

Food For Thought Friday - #F4TFridayIn a way, this kind of follows on from last week’s post; on the grounds that it came about directly from being naked, outdoors, on a beach, enjoying the sun on our bodies and, ultimately, each other.

The location: Arillas, near San Sefano in the North West of Corfu. Other than the first hundred or so metres immediately to the north of the village, you will find people being carefree and clothes free pretty much all along its length.  It’s not a nudist beach per se, it’s simply a beach where people can enjoy the sun and the water in whatever state of dress or undress they are comfortable with. In my case, and that of the friend I was on holiday with, that state was, unsurprisingly, naked.

Now, I’m no stranger to the joys of a little alfresco fornicating, but as a general rule, such activities take place in locations that are reasonably secluded, there is a modicum of “privacy” and the risks of being observed are acceptably low.

This time was different. We were on a beach. Granted, the cliffs are somewhat indented, so there were shallow, semi-secluded nooks and crannies; one of which is where we had set out our towels etc.  The beach itself, while quite busy wasn’t particularly crowded; the nearest person was probably at least fifty metres away.  There is also the fact that the other occupants of the beach were pretty much minding their own business in much the same we as we were minding ours. We were aware that we weren’t the only people there, but we weren’t paying them any attention and they didn’t seem to be minding us much heed either. Such is the way of these kinds of places.

I can’t remember what triggered it. I suspect it was mostly the heat. What happened next was the inspiration for this particular story. One moment we had been helping each other out by rubbing some sun lotion into our backs and other hard to reach places, the next, our lips were on each others, and her hand was stroking my cock.

Things proceeded the way they do. Her mouth found its way to my cock and kept a surreptitious eye on surroundings as she sucked me. Positions reversed and she kept look out while I licked her. Ultimately we fucked; right there, in the open.

If anyone else saw us and was aware of what we were doing, they didn’t show it.  There were no outraged exclamations or appreciative rounds of applause. People just carried on doing what they were doing; some of them possibly doing precisely what we had been doing for all we knew.

The post-orgasmic languor added an even more pleasant element to the sun’s heat that afternoon.