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Sexual Friendships

I have one “Golden Rule”: never fuck friends. That probably needs a bit of qualifying since, as it stands, it tends to imply that I only ever fuck people I don’t particularly like, and that is not the case. A little background… The vast majority of my closest friends are, and always have been female. For whatever reason, I prefer the company of women over my own gender. It’s not that I don’t have good male friends, because I do, but my closest friendships have, almost without exception, been women. I will admit that over the years, sometimes I may have wished for there to have been a bit more than platonic friendship; there have definitely been instances, in both directions, where there have been unrequited “feelings” (in at least one case, the feelings were actually requited, but neither of us actually had the courage to admit it until 20 odd years later…), but as for anything sexual happening, that has always been a big no-go area for me. Actually, that’s not entirely strict

The Rough And The Smooth

Given my chosen nom de plume , I suspect no one is in the least bit surprised when I say I am somewhat hirsute. In terms of  facial hair , I’ve written before about how, in my opinion, I don’t suit a beard. The problem is, like most men I suspect, I’m not particularly fond of shaving. My skin is particularly sensitive and no matter how much care I take, a certain amount of irritation is inevitable. At the same time, the itchiness that occurs when my stubble gets beyond a certain length is also an irritation, albeit of a different kind. With this in mind, my facial grooming tends to be all about balancing the irritations, and so I shave when the itchiness gets too much (every 4/5 days). Downstairs grooming is, again, more of a convenience. I tend to keep my balls smooth, because I enjoy the extra sensitivity when someone touches me there that it provides. Above “the waterline” I keep my pubic hair trimmed short. Being hairy, unless I was prepared to go for the all-over hair removal


Continue by Kilted Wookie The pressure mounts. As it always does, her mouth works its magic. Her tongue coats my shaft with a warm film of saliva, her lips glide along my length. “Ahhh! Good girl!” I sigh as she takes me deep; the head of my cock lodging in the back of her throat. She knows what I like. Experience has taught her to read my body’s signs; that language of arousal and desire in which she is so fluent. My breathing quickens as her tongue flicks over the engorged head. “Yessss,” I hiss from between clenched teeth. Up and down, her lips travel. My cock, sensitised by her attention, can so easily distinguish the difference between the temperature of the air, and the warm of her mouth as her lips move back and forth. She knows what I like. She knows what my cock likes. She knows just what it takes to bring me to the brink and not boil over; to keep me simmering, to extend my pleasure. I enjoy her mouth. My cock enjoys her mouth. She assures me that


Cyber-bullying is something we generally associate with kids; an extension of the playground into the perceived safety of the home, giving the victims no escape from their abusers. That is the popular image of cyber-bullying, but the truth is it doesn’t just affect kids and young adults; it can affect anyone; it did, for example, affect me. Online relationships obviously have a different dynamic from those that exist in “real space”, and while in the online world, it is unlikely that the victim will suffer any physical abuse, the mental and psychological harm is still very real. For me, the particular relationship started as so many do, via twitter. First we followed each other, then we would reply to each other’s tweets, then thing progressed to the “Saw this and thought of @So_and_So…” kind of thing. Before long we were DMing before ultimately going “off-platform” and carrying out chats on Skype/KiK/WhatsApp/etc. It’s not that uncommon an evolution of these types of relationsh

TMI Tuesday - The Meaning Of Life

The Meaning Of Life What makes you, you? So many things: my personality; my likes and dislikes; my hungers, appetites and desires; my relationships; my environment; where I live; my community; my depression . Do you care more about doing the right thing or doing things right? I think both are equally important. I would say doing the right thing is more important, but you should always strive to do everything you do to the best of your ability. What is sexual freedom? Do you have it? To me it is the freedom to express my sexuality in my own terms and be respected for who I am. As a straight, white, male, I appreciate that I have the privileged position of being in a place where this is much easier than it is for many others. Ultimately it comes don to being able to be honest about who you are (not always possible in some communities), respect (again, not always easily gained) and consent. In your romantic relationships, is trust more important than love? Generally, I would say y

They Think It's All Over

And so, finally, my participation in  #SmutMarathon is at an end. As I said earlier , my goal was to get past the first elimination round; so while I am a little disappointed not to be going any further, I am happy to have got as far as I did. With that in mind, I thought I’d use this post to share my four assignments and, since it is May, and the final one is all about masturbation, I thought it was fitting to add this Assignment 1 – Metaphor Blink   Held within the eye of the storm, the power of her arousal afforded her a moment’s peace before unleashing the full force of its cataclysm upon her.   Read the other entries  here . Assignment 2 – Micro Story Slow Burn   It’s that slow build up. The mounting anticipation that grows stronger with every word and every touch.  It’s the warm feeling that spreads over and through you in response to your partner’s attentions.  It’s the increasing desire and arousal, building inexorably as, bodies entwined, you move to

In Plain Sight

In a way, this kind of follows on from last week’s post ; on the grounds that it came about directly from being naked, outdoors, on a beach, enjoying the sun on our bodies and, ultimately, each other. The location: Arillas , near San Sefano in the North West of Corfu. Other than the first hundred or so metres immediately to the north of the village, you will find people being carefree and clothes free pretty much all along its length.  It’s not a nudist beach per se, it’s simply a beach where people can enjoy the sun and the water in whatever state of dress or undress they are comfortable with. In my case, and that of the friend I was on holiday with, that state was, unsurprisingly, naked. Now, I’m no stranger to the joys of a little alfresco fornicating, but as a general rule, such activities take place in locations that are reasonably secluded, there is a modicum of “privacy” and the risks of being observed are acceptably low. This time was different. We were on a beach. Gr

TMI Tuesday - Would You Rather

Would you rather…? Would you rather wrestle naked in a pool of Jello or chocolate pudding? Neither seems all that appetising a prospect if I’m being utterly honest. Assuming it was a member of the opposite sex that I was attracted to (and this was reciprocated) that I was wrestling with, then the chocolate sauce could  be put to use. Would you rather have sex in your parents’ bed or at a mattress store? I have actually had sex in my parent’s bed, so I can tick that one off the list. I guess, if I were to do it in a mattress store, it could tick off Q5 below too. Would you rather have sex on a beach in Hawaii or behind a waterfall in Brazil? It wasn’t Hawaii, but I have had sex on a beach and either the sand gets into places you don’t want, or you give yourself bruises on the pebbles/shingle. Behind a waterfall in Brazil does seem spectacularly exotic, so I’ll choose that option. Would you rather be on top riding your lover all night or taken/taking them from behind all night