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Continue by Kilted Wookie The pressure mounts. As it always does, her mouth works its magic. Her tongue coats my shaft with a warm film of saliva, her lips glide along my length. "Ahhh! Good girl!" I sigh as she takes me deep; the head of my cock lodging in the back of her throat. She knows what I like. Experience has taught her to read my body's signs; that language of arousal and desire in which she is so fluent. My breathing quickens as her tongue flicks over the engorged head. "Yessss," I hiss from between clenched teeth. Up and down, her lips travel. My cock, sensitised by her attention, can so easily distinguish the difference between the temperature of the air, and the warm of her mouth as her lips move back and forth. She knows what I like. She knows what my cock likes. She knows just what it takes to bring me to the brink and not boil over; to keep me simmering, to extend my pleasure. I enjoy her mouth. My cock enjoys her mouth. She assures me that her