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Word for Wednesday - Wistful


  1. sadly pensive, esp about something yearned for
You may be aware, but once again the lovely Tabitha Rayne is running the #30DayOrgasmFun challenge. Now while I support those taking part, sadly this is one of the few sex-blogging “challenges” that I choose to sit out.

Well, I say “choose” although, if you have read this blog, it is somewhat more complicated. 

Mind Matters - #SB4MHI could probably manage to achieve orgasm each day during April, but I don’t. I have written before about the fact that I rarely masturbate. For reasons relating to my mental health and the medication I take, achieving orgasm through masturbation is, for me, very difficult and seldom very satisfying. As I state in the post I linked to, more often than not, masturbation only ends up intensifying the frustration it should be relieving. 

I do find it relatively easy achieve orgasm when I am having sex with someone else, but that is dependant on there being someone else around for me to have sex with. At the present time, there is no such “other person” in my life for me to have sex with, so that avenue to orgasm is even more firmly shut than the solo route.

My relationship status, health and medication have, it would seem, conspired against me to make this a particularly “dry” period in my life. My sex life, such as it is, is lived vicariously through the writings of my fellow bloggers; coloured by a wistful nostalgia.