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Food For Thought Friday - #F4TFridayFor myself, arousal can take many forms. A whispered word, a well timed naughty text message, sometimes nothing more than a look in my direction. It comes down to the knowing that I am wanted and desired.

There are no specific “go to” arousal techniques that are guaranteed to work for me. As I say so often, it all comes down to the situation and circumstances. I am however, a very tactile person. While I enjoy the full sensual spectrum, touch is one of the most important elements. As my arousal intensifies, so does my response to touch increase until the point where it seems like my entire body has been transformed into one all-encompassing erogenous zone. The lightest, most fleeting touch , almost anywhere will elicit some form of response, from an involuntary shiver to a long, drawn out sigh or moan.

When it comes to arousing a partner, again, I have never been a fan of the “one size fits all” approach. For me, part of the fun of being with someone is finding our what their particular “things” are; the type of touching they like, where their most responsive areas are, what kind of contact the like, the pressure, the firmness of touch, which bits respond best to stimulation from my lips, or my fingers, or my tongue.

Again, I have no guaranteed technique; it’s all about getting to know the person you are with and learning what turns them on, then using this knowledge to heighten the experience for them and, as a result, me.

So, the simple answer to the questions posed this week, for me at least, would be a fairly resounding “no”. Everyone is different and finding out the things that arouse them is a big part of of having great sex with that person. As for me, if I like what you’re doing to me, I’ll definitely let you know.