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All By Herself

All By Herself
by Kilted Wookie

Emma’s hands glide over her soft skin. She moans, softly, as she cups her breasts and begins to caress them. Her nipples stiffen, and Emma closes her eyes; murmuring in dreamy contentment as she teases them; pinching and tugging them gently before allowing her hands to travel.

Tentatively, Emma slides a finger between her labia, tracing the warm, moisture on their surface. Unconsciously she raises it to her mouth, tasting herself; savouring her own rich, intoxicating flavour.

Emma’s fingers return, teasing her clit, sliding between her silken lower lips. The excitement mounts inexorably, contractions grip, Emma’s heart pounds. Not yet! Slow down! Make it last… Reluctantly her hand retreats from her clit and again, she licks her fingers clean.

Fire burns. Emma’s body is alive with expectation of release as she caresses herself all over. Like iron to a magnet her fingers are unconsciously drawn towards her clit and she needs every ounce of willpower she possesses to prevent them from finding their goal.

Picking up the long, thick, heavily veined latex cock she had chosen just for this moment, Emma slowly slides it into her cunt, relishing every delicious inch as it slowly fills and stretches her. She begins to fuck herself, slowly at first, but with increasing force. Her passion now owns her; her body, of its own volition, moves steadily towards the impending climax.

Emma can feel her climax approaching. The fire inside her builds to an inferno as she fucks herself harder. Her breathing quickens. Her womb contracts. Her body begins to shake. She tries to resist.

The dam suddenly bursts. Emma cries out as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure washes over her. Her body shudders as, with tears of joy in her eyes, Emma allows herself to let go, letting her climax slowly dissipate.

©Kilted Wookie April 2018