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All By Herself

All By Herself by Kilted Wookie Emma’s hands glide over her soft skin. She moans, softly, as she cups her breasts and begins to caress them. Her nipples stiffen, and Emma closes her eyes; murmuring in dreamy contentment as she teases them; pinching and tugging them gently before allowing her hands to travel. Tentatively, Emma slides a finger between her labia, tracing the warm, moisture on their surface. Unconsciously she raises it to her mouth, tasting herself; savouring her own rich, intoxicating  flavour. Emma’s fingers return, teasing her clit, sliding between her silken lower lips. The excitement mounts inexorably, contractions grip, Emma’s heart pounds. Not yet! Slow down! Make it last… Reluctantly her hand retreats from her clit and again, she licks her fingers clean. Fire burns. Emma’s body is alive with expectation of release as she caresses herself all over. Like iron to a magnet her fingers are unconsciously drawn towards her clit and she needs every ounce of

On The Brink

When it comes to sex, I would like to think that I am a considerate and unselfish partner. I sincerely nope that none of the women I have had sex with in the last three decades  have ever had cause to think differently, although I would be lying if I said I never gave my own pleasure more consideration that that of my partner. At the end of the day, while sexual pleasure can (and should, in my opinion) be shared, sexual gratification is a much more individual thing. That, however, is maybe another post for another time. My partner’s pleasure is very important to me and is very much central to my own. I’ve written before about my  sensualism and the fact that I love to revel in my partner’s arousal, enjoyment and eventual climax. These things are such an important part of my sexual enjoyment that I have pretty much given up on any form of sexual activity that doesn’t involve being with someone else. But, for all of that; for all that I am attentive to my partner’s desires and

Dare To Bare

I suspect that this will probably be one of the least surprising posts I have ever written.  I have, I freely admit, a certain  penchant for alfresco nudity, I don’t think anyone would have believed me if I’d even suggested that it was something I didn’t do. So why do I do it? It would be easy to say that I have an exhibitionist streak (pun intended).  The reality goes much deeper than that. I am cold climate creature and I enjoy the feeling of heat/sunshine on me. The more of me that can feel such warmth, the happier I am. Being naked is simply a much more comfortable arrangement; there is no tight fitting, sweaty, clingy material constricting those parts of me that can get uncomfortably hot and sweaty and a tendency to chafe in warm weather. I am fortunate that I have a garden that has a certain amount of privacy so that on those rare occasions that the Scottish climate chooses to play along, I can indulge myself. When abroad, I have no concerns availing myse

Word for Wednesday - Wistful

Wistful /ˈwɪstfʊl/ adjective sadly pensive, esp about something yearned for You may be aware, but once again the lovely Tabitha Rayne is running the  #30DayOrgasmFun challenge. Now while I support those taking part, sadly this is one of the few sex-blogging “challenges” that I choose to sit out. Well, I say “choose” although, if you have read this blog, it is somewhat more complicated.  I could probably manage to achieve orgasm each day during April, but I don’t. I have written before about the fact that I rarely masturbate . For reasons relating to my mental health and the medication I take, achieving orgasm through masturbation is, for me, very difficult and seldom very satisfying. As I state in the post I linked to, more often than not, masturbation only ends up intensifying the frustration it should be relieving.  I do find it relatively easy achieve orgasm when I am having sex with someone else, but that is dependant on there being someone else around for me

Dating v Hooking Up

The last date that I had in the “traditional” sense of the word was back in 2005. It was, coincidentally, the third date that me and the woman in question had been on and, yes, we did have sex for the first time as a result. As it happened, a bit later we had sex for the second time and, assuming the next morning still counts as being part of “the date”, we had sex again. Although we never dated again, given that we became a couple for a number of years after it, we did have quite a lot of sex, but I digress. Prior to that, I would need to go back to 1989 where I was dating the woman who would become my girlfriend, fiancée, wife and, ultimately, ex-wife when we split up in 2004. Actually, that’s a bit of a lie. In late 2003/early 2004 when my marriage was in its final painful throes, I did have a handful of “dates” with two other women . They both knew my situation. In both cases, the sex didn’t happen until the second time we got together. The first meeting being a social one

Like They Do On The Discovery Channel...

I have mixed feelings towards sex from behind; both pro and con. That being the case, let’s get the “bad stuff” out of the way first. I am a very touchy-feely kind of person; I love the sensation of skin touching skin and feeling my partner’s body against mine. I am very tactile . My problem with “doggy-style” is that, by and large, the only skin contact is between the front of my thighs and the back of hers, and between my hands and whichever part of her body they are on at a given moment.  While rear entry lends itself to fast, hard, deep, rough, energetic fucking, it does lack somewhat in the area of tender/gentle intimacy that face-to-face positions can provide. I’m not saying fucking someone from behind isn’t intimate, it’s just a somewhat more direct form of intimacy. Now, as Molly has opened this topic up more broadly to any form of penetration from behind, rear-entry spooning, whilst lying on your side can tick off some on the closeness and skin contact boxes, but


For myself, arousal can take many forms. A whispered word, a well timed naughty text message , sometimes nothing more than a look in my direction. It comes down to the knowing that I am wanted and desired. There are no specific “go to” arousal techniques that are guaranteed to work for me. As I say so often, it all comes down to the situation and circumstances. I am however, a very tactile person. While I enjoy the full  sensual spectrum , touch is one of the most important elements. As my arousal intensifies, so does my response to touch increase until the point where it seems like my entire body has been transformed into one all-encompassing erogenous zone. The lightest, most fleeting touch , almost anywhere will elicit some form of response, from an involuntary shiver to a long, drawn out sigh or moan. When it comes to arousing a partner, again, I have never been a fan of the “one size fits all” approach. For me, part of the fun of being with someone is finding our what the

The Contradiction

The Contradiction by Kilted Wookie The silver flecks in the stubble on his chin and in his short, dark brown hair gave him a slightly weathered look. There were lines around his eyes that spoke more of sadness than of laughter as they looked out from beneath a furrowed brow. They were kind, brown eyes, that spoke of a propensity for dry humour that was echoed in the wry, lopsided, not quite smile that he bestowed upon those on whom his attention fell. Dark. Brooding. Just the faintest hint of danger; not quite fully veiled behind a mix of quiet strength and vulnerability. His voice was soft yet clearly heard; although his eyes spoke more than his mouth. They told you his story, his past, while at the same time his penetrating gaze saw what lay beneath the surface; interpreting the subtle signs and tells of those around him. His shoulders spoke of an easy strength. Large hands conveyed an air of assured gentleness. He wasn’t particularly tall, nor heavily built and yet