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by Kilted Wookie

Sometimes it seems like ages pass, waiting there, alone in bed. What you want most of all is to feel the warmth of your lover's body next to you, holding you close, sharing their body heat with you.

Seconds pass, then minutes. You count your heartbeats as you wait; anticipation mixed with frustration.

A creaking stair.

Anticipation deepens as your lover approaches. Perversely, time seems pass ever more slowly as each step on the stairway is ascended.

A shiver runs down your spine; as much a visual display of your growing arousal as a reaction to the cool air of the bedroom.

The footsteps grow closer, yet seem further apart; the time between each footfall becoming increasingly, agonisingly drawn out.

And then they are there. You feel the bed yield beneath the extra weight. Your heart beats faster. You barely breath as they close the remaining distance between you.

You sigh contentedly as you feel their skin against yours, snuggling into you as they pull the covers up to cocoon you in their warmth.

You melt as you feel the warmth of their breath on the nape of your neck. You snuggle ito them as they take you in their arms.

And then, at last, the words you've been waiting for: "Are you ready?"

©Kilted Wookie March 2018