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#MasturbationMondayI recently did a post on self-edging; the experience of prolonging that wonderfully exquisite agony just before allowing myself the much needed release of orgasm. I have also described my masturbation technique. Unfortunately, I have also mentioned that, for reasons of the medication I take for my depression, both of the aforementioned activities are rarities.

That, however, is just me. Just because it is an experience I am unable to enjoy very often for myself, it does not mean that I can’t be the cause of such enjoyment for someone else.

If you have read any of what I write on these pages, you will know that if there is one particular act I love performing on a woman, it is cunnilingus. I love it for a host of reasons. I love the reactions of the woman I am doing it with. I love the tastes and the scents. I love the noises, the moans, the sighs, the cries she makes as my tongue does its work, driving her towards her climax.

Most of all though, I love that I am very much the one in control.

It’s not that I get off on control or that I am in any way a control freak, because I don’t and I am not.

When I say that I am in control, I mean more that my response and what I am doing are fully conscious. When I am fucking, there is an inherent lack of control; at some point I am going to go beyond the point of no return and I am going to come. When I am going down on my partner there are no such constraints. I can take my time. I can savour it. I can wallow in it. I can vary my pace in response to her reactions. I can keep her simmering, holding her at the precipice.

The Oral Sex ProjectOnce again, this is seated in my sensualism. For me, there is a most wonderful sensory overload that accompanies feasting on a woman’s cunt. On top of this, there can be the most intense positive feedback loop; where her pleasure intensifies mine and, in doing so, make me strive to prolong and intensify hers. In a way, in edging her, I am also edging myself. In trying to draw out her enjoyment for as long as possible, I am extending my own.

When, of course, the end inevitably arrives, when she can take no more, I am rewarded with the intense, rich flavour of her climax; the bittersweet taste of her essence on my tongue. In that moment we are just as much as one as when I am inside her; her climax includes me.

I may continue licking. I may move up and slide into her. Either way, I am sharing that moment with her; the moment that I withheld and intensified, before finally granting.