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Dressed To Thrill

Food For Thought Friday - #F4TFridaySo, it seems that #FoodForThoughtFriday this week is all about the clothes we find sexy, and #KinkOfTheWeek is all about fishnets.



Now, while for me the two aren’t entirely the same thing, there is enough overlap for me to combine them into the same post (I can be lazy that way sometimes…)

The first part of the  #FoodForThoughtFriday question this week was:

What do you wear when you want to feel sexy/desirable?

I’ll be honest here and say that there isn’t any actual thing I wear to make me feel that way; mainly because it’s not really how I see myself. Having said that, I am Scottish and, as my blogging name suggests, I do own a kilt, and I have been known to wear it with a particular effect in mind… I don’t actually wear it with the intention of being/feeling sexy, but if that’s the resulting effect it has on the ladies who see me so attired, then I won’t complain.

Parts two asks:

What is the sexiest thing a member of the opposite sex can wear?

Now this is kind of where the #KinkOfTheWeek prompt about fishnets comes in.

Now I have admitted on numerous occasions that I am much more of a boob man than an arse or leg man. This however does not mean that I am not a sucker for a lovely pair of legs. If those legs are encased (probably not the best word; enclad, perhaps?) in fishnets, so much the sexier. Actually, any form of stocking will do, but I do find fishnets particularly appealing.

However, it’s not the stocking as and of itself that is the thing for me; they are part of an overall look.

The stockings (fishnet or other) with suspenders or hold-ups, form me, work best with heels. They may be heeled boots, or just strappy heeled shoes and the heels don’t have to be especially high; just something I can grip on for leverage when I’m fucking.

I am an absolute sucker for a woman in a corset. Throw one of those into the mix along with the above and you have definitely got my attention.

If the woman involved also happens to be wearing my collar, then this is so much the better, although, sadly, there is no longer anyone who actually fills this particular space at the moment.

The final part of the question is:

What, if anything, is that one item of clothing/footwear that really does it for you?

Now, if it hasn’t already had one, this almost deserves a #KinkOfTheWeek topic in its own right. There is one “accessory” which can be worn which does it for me. It can be worn as part of the outfit described above, it can be worn on its own, it can be worn out in everyday situations. Yes, the item that really does it for me is the humble pair of glasses. There is something about a woman in glasses that makes me go weak. They are remarkably versatile, and can portray an aura of sexy confidence, of professionalism, and of vulnerability.

So, while I am probably confirming that I am a walking cliché, the look that does it for me: glasses, corset, fishnets/stockings and heels. It is absolutely guaranteed to get my attention.